NAOR - 4 Post Series

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NAOR - 4 Post Series


NAOR - 4 Post Series are Ultra rigid Racks for high density application for networking / labs / data Centres. These Racks are made of rugged aluminum profiles, individually powder coated and bolted with highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing & Quality management system.

Standard for Racks configuration will be bolted frame with 4 Post. 4 Post will have adjustable Steel folded depth members to adjust the depth to meet site requirements. Available in 22RU~52U variants.

Technical Specification

Technical Data:
Basic Frame Aluminium Section
Construction CKD Type
Standard Finish Powder Coated
Standard Colour Black
Standard Mounting Grouting
Rack Standard Conforms to DIN 41494 or equivalent standard
Static Load 1500 Kgs
Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No. H h W w
OPEN RACK/Aluminium-M6 Tapped4Post/22U/Powder Coated/19"DIN NAOR-4-22-PC-19 1125 22U 514 450
OPEN RACK/Aluminium-M6 Tapped4Post/36U/Powder Coated/19"DIN NAOR-4-36-PC-19 1747 36U 514 450
OPEN RACK/Aluminium-M6 Tapped4Post/42U/Powder Coated/19"DIN NAOR-4-42-PC-19 2013 42U 514 450
OPEN RACK/Aluminium-M6 Tapped4Post/45U/Powder Coated/19"DIN NAOR-4-45-PC-19 2147 45U 514 450
OPEN RACK/Aluminium-M6 Tapped4Post/48U/Powder Coated/19"DIN NAOR-4-48-PC-19 2281 48U 514 450

Features & Accessories


  • Made of Heavy Aluminum sections
  • Open architecture for easy access to cable and unrestricted air flow
  • Adjustable depth 650 to 850 mm to suite site conditions
  • Standard U Markings for fast equipment mounting
  • Static Load 1500 Kgs
  • Ability to add cable organisers for cable organising and routing


  • It is recommended to distribute the Load along with U space in the Rack
  • Dimension are in MM


H - Overall height

h - Usable height

W - Overall width

w - Usable width