Air Seal Kit

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Air Seal Kit


This will minimize hot & cold air Mixing / short circuit and divert the air to enter mission critical equipments. This will be critical accessory for datacenter Racks to increase the efficiency of Thermal management.

Air-seal Kit will cover front sides and Top. The filler panels will cover the front side unused equipment mounting area.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No Material
Blank Panel/1U/ Pk of 5 BP-1-5
Blank Panel/2U/ Pk of 5 BP-2-5
Front Air seal Kit/42/600/ Type1 ASK-42-600-001 CRCA Steel, Formed & Powder Coated
Front Air seal Kit/42/800/ Type1 ASK-42-800-001
Front Air seal Kit/42/600/ Type2 ASK-42-600-002
Front Air seal Kit/42/800/ Type2 ASK-42-800-002