Wall mount racks

Benefits of Using Wall Mount Racks

In networking and server setup, the right rack can make all the difference because it houses the networking equipment, servers, switches, and panels. These racks come in various shapes and sizes, each tailored to specific needs and environments.

Among these, the wall mount racks, also known as the wall-mount cabinet or wall mount enclosure, offers a unique set of advantages that can genuinely transform the organization’s networking experience.

Custom-made convenience

Wall mount racks, like the ones expertly designed by Netrack, are highly customizable in terms of height and accessories, making them the ideal solution for customers with specific requirements. These compact racks are perfect for limited operational space, such as in home-based businesses or small offices. Wall mount racks come in both open-frame and cabinet styles, and they can be mounted vertically or horizontally, optimizing space and ensuring easy access to both the front and back of the rack.

Netrack’s wall-mount rack solutions

Netrack’s WM Series wall mount racks are engineered to cater to small networking setups, domestic applications, AV, telecom, lab applications, and home automation. The WM series single section wall mount racks configuration features removable side panels, a vented top cover, and an alternating hole pattern that enhances mounting flexibility and maximizes the available space for mounting. Additionally, it provides provisions for mounting 1 or 2 fans and includes a front glass door equipped with a locking system for added security.

Conversely, the WM-DS series double-section wall mount rack configuration includes removable side panels and a vented top cover with fan mounting capabilities. However, in this design, the front section is hinged to the back section, and both sections are equipped with lock and key mechanisms. This key feature of the double section wall mount racks effectively reduces clutter at the rear of the cabinet.

The WMOD series wall mount racks for standard applications are meticulously designed to adhere to Ingress Protection (IP)20 standards. At the same time, the outdoor variants are crafted to meet the more stringent IP55/IP66 criteria. The outdoor models are constructed using GI steel sheets to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability and resilience.

Quality, affordability, and upscaling

Netrack offers wall mount racks in various configurations, from 4RU to 15RU, with depth and width options to suit specific needs. They are manufactured with high-quality steel sheets that have ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing and quality management systems. They conform to DIN 41494 or equivalent EIA /ISO / EN / CEA standards and ASTM standards.

The best part of the Netrack manufactured wall mount rack are also UL Certified with the robust frame that guarantees durability and the front glass pane and locking system that ensures security and visibility. These racks are easy to install owing to the inbuilt wall mounting slot at the rear part of the panel. One can choose additional features such as perforated metal or glass front doors with locking mechanisms based on the airflow requirements. Hence, it ensures effective heat management. Finally, affordability and expandability make these wall mount racks ideal for optimizing a setup.

The right choice!

Wall mount racks are a space-saving solution and a gateway to a more efficient and secure network environment. Hence, choosing the right wall mount rack can optimize the available space, streamline networking setup for last mile connectivity, and ensure equipment protection.

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