Why are Co-Location Racks used

Netrack is one of the pioneers in designing and manufacturing rack enclosures. Recently, co-location racks are gaining prominence with the growing importance of data centers. These racks are separate compartments in a single racks that are carefully designed to safeguard critical IT equipment and organise the power/network cables, routers, servers, and switches to enhance the data centre’s capacity and efficiency without access between the compartments. Since the colocation centres are currently in demand with the migration of data by IT enterprises of all sizes, the co-location racks are also gaining popularity. The co-location model demands controlled power supply, monitored cooling, and security features to ensure sustainability, reliability, cost-efficiency, and an eco-friendly approach.

The Co-Location Racks, often referred to as server racks, effectively manage the cables and increase the cooling efficiency of the data center environment. To make the co-location racks a success, the co-location facility must have the capacity to house sufficient power, the entire ecosystem must have efficient airflow management and the ability to monitor cooling efficiency, and it must be secured with customised rack configurations. This will guarantee a future where multiple businesses can use a single colocation facility. Netrack envisions this booming future of the need for multi-compartment racks or co-location racks and has improvised the design of the racks with innovation to meet the future requirement.

Netrack manufactures these co-location racks to the highest quality standards and has UL and ISO certification. They are designed to increase reliability and make deployment easy. These racks are built-in containers that can house multi-compartment racks to accommodate wires and cables through partitions. These compartmentalised cabinets offer a space-saving solution to organisations in a shared form, partitioned into 2, 3, or 4 sections with openings.

It is an ideal solution for Medium-density data centres and server room applications wherein Customers are looking for an option of half or three fourth racks. These multi-compartment racks are cost-efficient and sustainable, especially when planning for upgradation or scaling. In addition, based on individual customer requirements, these co-location racks can be modified at the time of deployment to enhance compartment space for additional servers and equipment.

Along with assured quality, Netrack rack enclosures come with Unique lock features to ensure long-term data and physical security for the users of this Co-location rack. The following certificates showcase the quality of these co-location racks manufactured by Netrack.

  • UL certification
  • DIN 41494 or equivalent EIA / ISO / EN standard
  • ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001: 2018 for Occupational Health and Safety

These multi-compartment steel racks have an option of vented top, bottom, and side cover with fan mounting to secure mission-critical equipment from getting damaged due to excessive heat. As a safety and sturdy feature, It is designed with an air seal kit, blanking panel, and brush module to ensure cooling and proper airflow management.

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