The corridor concept is achieved by enclosing the both ends of the Hot aisle are closed using Sliding doors or Blinds for cold air Contentment and the The Hot air returns to PAC through remaining area as shown in the Concept Drawing.

In this Concept Top panel is Perpendicular to Floor & Installed on the rack Top panel Vertically touches false ceiling, Top panel is composite metal Toughed glass / Poly carbonate for Lighting can be customized.

On Cold Aisle side the cabinets are fitted with Plinth, Rack Side Thermal Sealing and blanking panels between the equipment, in this way the only route for the Cold air is through the equipment.

  • Raised Floor
  • False Ceiling
  • Rack
  • Chiminy
  • Top panel
  • Corridor Door
  • Corridor Blinds
  • PAC
  • Hot Aisle
  • Cold Aisle
  • Cold Air
  • Hot air