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CIN: U28932KA2002PTC030378

Trends towards consolidation and higher-density computing configurations make the problem of heat management one of the critical challenges in emerging data centers. Conventional approaches to addressing this problem have focused at the facilities level to develop new cooling technologies or optimize the delivery of cooling.

The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number, size, and uses of data centers. Large data centers contain up to tens of thousands of servers and support hundreds or thousands of users. For such data centers, in addition to traditional IT infrastructure issues, designers increasingly need to deal with Issues of power consumption, heat dissipation, and cooling provisioning.


Rack weight to static Load Capacity- Deploy more servers in Rack As datacenter floor has limiting factor weight per Square Meter Enhancing the Cooling of mission critical equipment by honeycomb perforated doors and Thermal Sealing to minimize hot air cool air mixing. Rack manufacture to work in tandem with PAC to decide the on Rack and corridor solution Power availability at Rack - To deploy more servers / Equipment in rack


Decrease cooling costs. 20% - 40% Big savings in cooling costs.
Increase hardware reliability and Higher MTBF
Decrease response times to transients and emergencies.
Increase compaction and improve operational efficiencies.

NetRack Products

High Density Racks
Thermal Management & Enhanced Cooling
Rack Security & Remote Monitoring
Climate Monitoring.
Grounding & Bonding Solutions
Rack Power Solutions.
KVM & Console Solutions.

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