Every eco-friendly server room is in itself a balancing act. NetRack is aware that with great power comes not just great responsibility but also unnecessary emissions. Our eco-friendly products not only reduces the amount of emissions that are indirectly produced but also the amount of energy consumed, hence making NetRack’s products incredibly sustainable, future proof and scalable for different challenges.

Our revolutionary products, the Hot Air corridors and Cold Air corridors, were designed based on the Corridor concept, constructed on the principle of separating hot air and cold air flow thus averting any ‘short circuiting’ between the hot and cold air. The ends of the aisles are cordoned off to ensure cold air contentment. This further leads to a constant temperature between the bottom and top racks, which are highly advantageous. With over 10 years of know-how, NetRack is an established brand today proficient of offering contemporary HAC and CAC solutions.

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