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CIN: U28932KA2002PTC030378

1. 600 wide with out chimney :

Front Convex Perforated Door with lock & Key ; Back perforated Dual door with lock & key ; Top cover having provision for ExhaustBlower mounting provision ; Plain dual side panels ; Free standing with plinth.

2. 600 wide with chimney:

Front convex Perforated Door with lock & Key ; Back Plain metal Dual door with lock & key ; Top cover having provision for Exhaust Blower mounting ; Adjustable Chimney for free exhaust of Hot Air ; Plain dual side panels ; Free standing with plinth.

• NRS-e Series - Ultra rigid Enhanced Racks for high density application in data centers & server room. The Racks manufactured out of steel sheet punched, formed, welded and Powder coated with highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001-2008 Manufacturing & Quality management system to ensure highest quality product.

• Standard for Racks configuration will be welded ultra rigid frame with 4 No. Pillars of 14 Gauge steel sheet 6 folded profile welded to top and bottom ribbed /reinforced frame additionally supported depth wise by welding 6 No. depth rail 4 folded 75mm16 Gauge profile. Associated with Top cover having provision for Mounting Exhaust Blower and Adjustable duct for free exhaust of Hot Air through false ceiling to PAC unit, Front Convex perforated steel door with lock & key and Back perforated /plain dual steel door with lock & key and Plain dual side panels. Free standing on plinth.

• Available in 42U with 600 X1200 & 800 X1200 configurations.

Technical Data
 Basic Frame  Steel folded
 Construction  Welded
 Top & Bottom Cover  Bolted to Frame with required cut outs.
 Front Door  Lockable Convex Perforated Steel Door
 Rear Door  Lockable Perforated / Plain Steel Dual Door
 19” Mounting Angle  Formed Steel
 Std. Equipment Mounting  DIN Std. 10 mm Sq. Slots
 Standard Finish  Powder coated
 Standard Colour  Texture Black
 Standard Mounting  Free standing on Plinth
 Rack Standard  Conforms to DIN 41494 or equivalent standard
 Static Load  1500 Kg

Model Matrix & Dimensions
NRS-E Series H h W w D d
42U/600X1200 2055 42U 600 19" 1200 1100
42U/800X1200 2055 42U 800 19" 1200 1100

Abbreviations  : H - Overall height, h- Usable height, W - Overall width, w- Usable width, D – Overall depth, d- Usable depth
1U = 44.45 MM
Note : Other models can be manufactured on request.


  • Conforms to DIN 41494 or Equivalent EIA / ISO / EN Standard
  • Adjustable mounting depth
  • 4 No. Adjustable, 19" verticals with Punched 10mm Square Hole and Universal 12.7mm – 15.875mm – 15.875mm alternating hole pattern offers greater mounting flexibility, maximizes usable mounting space
  • Numbered U positions
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing methods provide the best product quality and fastest delivery in the industry
  • 100% assured compatibility with all equipments conforming to DIN 41494 (General industrial standard)
  • Powder coated finish with Seven tank pretreatment process meeting ASTM Standards


  • eNhanced Thermal management with Air Seal Kit and Blanking panels & Bottom Brushed access
  • eNhanced Grounding & Bonding
  • eNhanced Cable management with 2 No. Universal Cable Basket with 1U and 2U Loops
  • eNhanced for Alpha Numeric Rack Display system on front side of Top Cover
  • eNhanced for CAC or HAC
  • eNhanced for Roof Blowers with adjustable ducting. (400 to 1350 CFM)
  • eNhanced for Back Door Blowers (720 to 1950 CFM) (Optional)
  • eNhanced for Intelligent Locking and Rack Monitoring


  • Frame
  • Plinth
  • Top Conver
  • Side Panel
  • Convex Perforated Door
  • Duel perforated or plain door
  • Air Seal Kit
  • Blank Panel
  • Brush Tile
  • Brush Module
  • Universal Cable Basket
  • PDU
  • Fan
  • Chimney

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NRS e600 Series



Sy No 130, Machohalli Cross, Magadi Main Road, Bangalore - 560 091, Karnataka

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