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CIN: U28932KA2002PTC030378

Rack Monitoring- Overview

Rack Monitoring

Data centers or server room requirements have changed a lot. In the present scenario of Monitoring Rack, the data centers look forward for:

  • Enhanced data safety
  • Building up high protection to avoid restricted access
  • The classification of all the events
  • Structure controlled protection
  • Activation of premeditated measures
  • Linking up with super ordinate management systems

Consumers can expect completely reliable and cost-effective integrated systems along with the suitable locking system.

The Electronic Locking and Monitoring system (ELM) is made to provide total solution to meet the customer requirements for Rack Monitoring .It is designed effectively to adopt as per the customer requirements.

Rack Monitoring Equipments

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Server Rack Monitoring in India


Rack Power & Electronics Solutions



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