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CIN: U28932KA2002PTC030378

Power Distribution is critical part of Rack solution and Industry can't afford Down time or Failure of this product, as this directly impact operation of Missions Critical Equipments further effecting business process.

NetRack Understand the criticality of PDU. All models professionally designed with High Quality & Tested Inputs to ensure customer get highest quality of the product with 100% Reliability and Dependability.

NetRack Offer wide Range of high quality power distribution to feed power to mission critical equipment. NetRack PDU comes with high quality powder coated metal Box with best available electrical parts properly Rated and certified.

NetRack Offers 3 variants to suite the requirement of industry.
1. Normal Power Distribution Units Single & Three Phase.
2. Metered Power Distribution Units Single & Three Phase.
3. Intelligent Power Distribution units Single & Three Phase.

NetRack PDU's are Rated and protected with MCB & Fuses to meet different industrial requirements. Input either Open or with Indian/IEC Plugs. Available in horizontal and vertical Mounting Models with 1 Phase & 3 Phase Variants.

Standard off the shelf Models are below and can be customized to customer requirement.

Normal Power Distribution

PDU Comes with standard powder coated metal Enclosure with highest quality Inputs and Reliable design. PDU are properly wired and tested to meet Industry requirements

Metered Power Distribution

PDU with inbuilt reliable Circuit board with digital display and can be programmed to show Current, Voltage or Power or roll over on PDU level. This PDU is designed to bridge gap between conventional and intelligent PDU where in User map the load on the PDU and avoid over loading and MCB Tripping.

Intelligent Power Distribution

Improve energy efficiency, increase uptime and find stranded power capacity with our power management solutions. Our solutions are standards based and fit seamlessly into existing infrastructures.

Power Cards

C13-14 & C19-20 are standard power cords to meet most of power requirements. The Power cords are Manufactured & Tested to meet Industry Requirements

Generally available in 2 Mt length and can be customized to customer Requirement

Rack Security

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KVM & LCD Console Solutions

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Management Softwares

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Alliances & Partnerships

We can help you accelerate time-to-market, reduce total cost of ownership, and add flexibility - as well as incremental functionality - at lower cost.

Sy No 130, Machohalli Cross, Magadi Main Road, Bangalore - 560 091, Karnataka

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