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CIN: U28932KA2002PTC030378

PDU with inbuilt reliable Circuit board with digital display and can be programmed to show Current, Voltage or Power or roll over on PDU level. This PDU is designed to bridge gap between conventional and intelligent PDU where in User map the load on the PDU and avoid over loading and MCB Tripping.

The power distribution unit available with different types sockets configurations (Indian 5A,Indian 5/15, Intel Multipin,IEC Sockets) and All Netarck PDU's are Rated and protected with MCB & Fuses to meet different industrial requirements. Input either Open or with Indian/IEC Plugs. Available in horizontal and vertical Mounting Models with 1 Phase & 3 Phase Variants

Standard off the shelf Models are below and can be customized to customer requirement

Metered Power Distribution - Indian Pin Sockets
Metered Power Distribution - Multi Pin Sockets
IEC 13 & 19 Sockets - I Phase Metered Power Distribution
IEC 13 & 19 Sockets - III Phase Metered Power Distribution

Sy No 130, Machohalli Cross, Magadi Main Road, Bangalore - 560 091, Karnataka

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