Dubai is one among the top growing city in the middle east region as well as ranked among other cities in the world as well. The origin of computers and Information technology has helped transform the working experience over a period of time. The advancement and growth of technology have resulted in a large number of wires, networks, connection and electricity consumption. They have their own boons and disadvantages which are to be considered. Many measures have been taken to minimize the disadvantages like extra electricity consumption, bent wires, short circuit etc but at what cost do you think we could get this on line?  Homely atmosphere have some amount of wiring and inconvenience then imagine the state of large companies? The number of systems, Workers, management? Thinking of it solely gives us a picture of wires and connections which would probably

Industries, Production Units and manufacturing units are growing rapidly in numbers and so are the equipment needed for the process. In a wide range of equipments, air compressor is the primary need for all of them. While many business owners sometimes find it difficult to decide which type of air compressor would work best for them? The most common type of air compressor is the screw air compressor which has its own unique features. The main purpose of Screw air compressor manufactured by Frank compressors is “easy Maintenance” it also provides purified and fresh air that is best suited for all the potential users from various industries. FeaturesThe screw air compressors mainly comprises of intelligent micro-computer controller and the components are, air end, electric motor, oil tank. The Intelligent microcomputer control system consists of an LCD which can show the present temperature, working pressure,