Can iLock ensure better security?

When the world is embracing digitalization, its existence revolves around data. Hence data centers gained prominence with each passing year. However, the buck doesn’t stop there. There is a growing demand for data centers to become robust to meet the varied requirements of IT industries of different sizes and capacities. Netrack is one of the leading solution providers of data center rack solutions that cater to end-to-end IT enterprises. Basis our client’s requirement, we introduced various intelligent products such as iRack with inbuilt cooling features, intelligent PDUs, various remote monitoring, issue detection equipment and procedures. Among the data center solutions, iLock deserves special mention due to its capacity of ensuring data center security and long-term sustenance and dependability.

Robust datacenter: the need of the hour!

The role of iLock is critical owing to its ability to enhance physical protection remotely to business-critical equipment, network infrastructures, and the overall IT industry environment. Currently, the efficiency of a data center is determined by its operational efficiency and its security aspect. This holds especially for organizations who rent space and networking equipment in an off-site or colocation data center managed by a third-party vendor instead of an on-premise one. The following are the features that organizations consider before investing in the data center to sustain the wrath of time.

  •  Intelligent and improved physical security
  • Protection against unauthorised access through a modern monitoring mechanism
  • Logging of all events digitally and remotely
  • Parameter controlled efficient supervision
  • Triggering of mail and SMS alert as part of monitoring

Choose iLock for an enhanced security feature

Now that the security aspect is realized as one of the primary objectives to make a data center agile, Netrack’s contribution towards it with the signature product iLock cannot be ignored. It has revolutionized the security aspect of a data center with its intelligent design and high-quality standard product. iLock is manufactured to manage rack doors efficiently. Furthermore, it is designed so that it is compatible with both new and existing racks. As a result, iLock can be successfully implanted in an existing rack. This can reduce the cost burden on organizations that are still in the growing phase. Also, iLock can replace 24×7 on-site security guards due to its monitoring capability.

To enhance its efficiency, Netrack modelled iLock with a new enclosure so that all the business-critical equipment and other components are installed within this new enclosure along with external connectors. The external connectors ease the work of network engineers to connect wires appropriately. This can make the installation process easy and smooth. Our signature product, iLock, consists of 3 major components. They are controller, reader, and mechatronic locks. The component controller ensures the overall monitoring and control of access while the reader is available in the card, biometric authentication, and dual-factor authentication. Such data-based remote monitoring improves the security feature of a data centre to a great extent. The mechatronic locks cater to several physical security requirements through a single point, three points, and four-point locking system. All these components make iLock reliable, along with its quality that is CE and RoHS certified. This makes iLock the best in the market for securing a data center with critical equipment.

Features worth mentioning

Let us now consider the significant features of this product that make it dependable and worth investing in.

●       As a part of the controller component, each master controller can manage 255 additional controllers.

●       iLlock can support 25,000 users and 500,000 events.

●       iLock is connected with Ethernet and RS 485 for effective integration with the BMS/FMS.

●       iLock is efficiently integrated with fire alarm and video surveillance making it an intelligent installation.

●       The remote monitoring feature of iLock ensures real-time monitoring and control of the on-premises data center.

 Hence it is necessary to secure the data center with built-in safety and security features to prevent physical attacks in the future. So, let iLock intelligent rack help you connect your data centre in a cost-efficient manner with consistency.

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