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Here is the key to smart locking your data centre against physical security breaches

Organizations worldwide commonly believe that data is a vital part of information and information is essential for business insight.

Since data is critical for any company, the question is how secure it is! According to secondary research, there has been an overwhelming 37 billion data breaches in 2020 alone. Therefore, data centers are constantly threatened by physical or remote breaches. The consequences of such violations are serious, irrespective of whether the data center houses the organization’s own data or that of others who entrusted the company with safeguarding their data. Hence it is essential to secure a data center with efficient physical security. The physical security required should be able to protect employees, hardware, software, network, as well as data.

Secure data center with planning

The primary step to preventing such security breaks is to analyze and understand the possible threats. This should be followed by continuous monitoring through surveillance cameras with additional security layers. In this regard, dual key card access in critical parts of the data center can ensure that only authorized personnel can access the Rack. Also, primary and backup data should never be stored at the exact physical location. This can add a layer of protection to the organization in case of any security breach. In this regard, many enterprises opt for cloud backup, which reduces any physical security breaches.

Types of physical security and the process

  • A secured perimeter with an access control system, such as; card swipes or biometrics, can detect and prevent any unauthorized entry.
  • Empowered with high-resolution video surveillance and motion-activated lighting is an effective means to secure the entire area.
  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication in sensitive areas of the data center can protect it from a data breach.
  • Depending upon the criticality of data, the rack-level intelligent locking system can be deployed with electronic locking systems. Such a physical layer of security is possible through card swipes, biometrics, face recognition, 2-to-3-layer authentication, and remote access control of the rack through a surveillance camera.

Intelligent rack enclosure

As a solution to security breaches, Netrack designed and manufactured intelligent rack enclosures with an access controller to control and manage the front and back doors of these racks. These intelligent infra capsules are placed on premises with front doors having an inbuilt lock and key features. They are then placed under continuous surveillance and management. Along with intelligent access control, these racks ensure precision cooling, alarm features, environment, and power management. These rack enclosures are a convenient solution for data centers opting to secure the racks hosting servers and equipment physically.

Smart locking systems

The range of locking systems offered by Netrack is robust and effective for physical rack security. These intelligent locking systems protect, monitor, and trigger alarms whenever required. It is reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient with the following assurance;

  • Enhance data security
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Log all events
  • Supervision and monitoring

Hence, this locking system is a complete solution to prevent any security breach within the data center premise.

Smart protection with intelligent locking

Hence, the physical security of data centers ensures the safeguarding of client data while securing one’s own information. Furthermore, enclosed server racks with an in-built intelligent locking system are cost-efficient and dependable solutions to prevent data center breaches.

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