Part 2

In continuation to the first blog, let’s look at the other factors that will enhance the efficiency with which one can choose a server rack for either a hub room or data center.

Ensuring efficient airflow management with essential accessories

Accessories are important in a data center environment in optimizing the functionality of server or network racks in data centers by improving the airflow management. Efficient airflow management is critical for a data center as it ensures consistent temperature and pressure, mitigating the risk of equipment damage resulting from thermal fluctuations. Netrack, a leading advocate in this field, emphasizes the significance of cold and hot air containment strategies to proficiently manage both cable and airflow dynamics.

Netrack designed intelligent rack solutions that work like magic, boasting an array of features such as an air seal kit, blanking panels, and brush modules. These components are strategically placed at the top, lower part, and side panels, to minimize airflow leakage, guaranteeing efficient cooling for mission-critical equipment.

The integration of brush modules along with the air seal kit serves a dual purpose: it reduces airflow leakage while facilitating effective cooling. This strategic implementation ensures that the cooling system functions optimally, preventing any potential thermal short circuits or air blockages that might compromise the equipment’s performance. The intelligent design of the air diverter solution kit further amplifies this efficiency by effectively managing the cooling requirements—channeling cold air to the front and exhausting hot air from the rear, creating an optimal airflow pattern within the network rack.

Beyond airflow management, effective cable management emerges as another crucial element in empowering data centers. Addressing cable clutter through the utilization of cable managers, ties, and trays is pivotal in ensuring not only a tidy and organized setup but also facilitating easy access and maintenance. By adopting robust cable management practices, organizations can significantly contribute to maintaining an environment conducive to efficient airflow management.

Choose Seismic Rack to reduce the risk

When hosting critical applications, an earthquake can be critical since it can damage the equipment and disrupt the operation. Netrack understands this concern and prioritized to minimize risks to safeguard business continuity by manufacturing seismic-proof racks. Netrack’s Seismic Rack Cabinet is carefully designed to protect the hosted IT equipment from the impact of seismic waves. Tailored to specific seismic zones, these ultra-rigid racks boast robust bases anchoring equipment securely, ensuring resilience.

The last word before you buy!

Although it is time-taking and expensive to set up a server room or network hub with the right server rack, it is still important. The fact that a single network rack supports an entire gamut of systems that serve as the backbone for any company can’t be denied. Hence, the above-mentioned factors must be carefully vetted before opting for a server rack to ensure durability, efficiency, and resilience of the IT infrastructure.

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