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Delivering Agile and Future-ready Data Center Racks

The data center market is experiencing consistent and extraordinary growth in the past few years. Such growing importance is due to the increasing reliance of organizations on cloud infrastructure and captive data centers. In this evolving technology landscape, it soon became obvious that the demand for efficient and future-ready data center racks will also increase. Netrack, a leading player in rack enclosure manufacturing, has emerged as a pioneer by delivering innovative solutions like the iRack and iRack Block.

Understanding the growth of data center market

Now, the question is whether the sudden growth of this data center market was predicted and bound to happen with the boom of technology and digitalization. As cloud computing and data-intensive applications became common, the data center market started expanding rapidly. This is because, the organizations dependent upon data for their daily operation started to leverage either cloud services or investing in captive data centers to meet their growing storage and processing needs. Since securing data and ensuring data recovery by opting for captive data centers in business continuity plan sites has become critical hence, the dependency on data centers has increased leading to a shift in focus towards enhancing their efficiency, sustainability, and cooling capacity.

Netrack recognizes the critical role data centers play in the current scenario in safeguarding an organization’s intellectual property. So, Netrack designed and manufactured racks to control the environment with effective airflow management. This ensures the safety of mission-critical equipment and servers from potential overheating issues addressing the challenges of efficient cooling in data centers.

Revolutionary iRack Block

Netrack progressed beyond traditional rack solutions with the iRack Block – tailored for larger requirements. Both iRack and iRack Block are equipped with self-cooling, self-powered, and self-contained features – paving the way for intelligent infra capsules or modular data centers. These racks are designed to offer a self-sustained miniature data center with built-in features for precise cooling, addressing the challenges faced by organizations in maintaining cooling efficiency.

Netrack’s iRack series stands out as a specially designed rack enclosure with self-cooling capabilities. It utilizes built-in air-conditioning features to optimize the cooling of hosted equipment and servers. The iRack is manufactured with IP 50 for dust protection. This ensures low maintenance costs while offering a reliable cooling solution. Such cost-efficient data center solutions are good for small-scale organizations.

Netrack stays ahead in the game by continually improving its offerings. The new iRack Blocks manufactured by Netrack has an additional advantage due to the presence of the next-generation intelligent PDUs, an energy-saving module for on-premise deployment with advanced features such as; inverter technology compressors and EC fans for improved cooling. And also these Blocks are equipped with Intelligent physical security management system, Environmental and Fire Management system along with a Monitoring software.  With a load capacity of up to 1500 kgs and IP 50 rating, these racks are built to withstand the demands of modern data centers.

Both iRack and iRack Blocks are manufactured using high-quality steel sheets, adhering to the highest quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and ISO 45001. The welded ultra-rigid racks are not only robust but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint by utilizing R410 refrigerant for in-rack cooling.

Making a mark

As organizations continue to rely heavily on data centers, the need for efficient, scalable, and future-ready solutions becomes paramount. Netrack’s iRack and iRack Block series assure the commitment to deliver agile and sustainable network cabinets.

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