Data-center application

What are the accessories to be considered in a server rack used for Data-center application.

What to put in a server rack: Essential components of server rack parts and more.

The server racks have become an essential part of the modern-day IT data center. An agile data center is usually supported by an efficient server rack manufactured with the right components, cables, and accessories. Based on the demand, server racks are customized to cater the data center. These racks are manufactured with various depths, heights, and widths to fit the server room space of a data center racks.

Server racks: Its design and make!

The primary focus of manufacturers of server racks is on the quality, size, and efficiency of the product. The server racks are designed with premium quality materials and are deployed with expertise to ensure the safety of the data center and the mission-critical equipment. Standard for Racks configuration will be welded ultra-rigid frame with 4 No. Pillars of 14 Gauge steel sheet 6 folded profile welded to top and bottom ribbed /reinforced frame additionally supported depth wise by welding 6 No. depth rail 4 folded 75mm 16 Gauge profile. Associated with Top cover having provision for Mounting Exhaust Blower and Adjustable duct for free exhaust of Hot Air through false ceiling to PAC unit, Front Convex perforated steel door with lock & key and Back perforated /plain dual steel door with lock & key and Plain dual side panels. Free standing on plinth.

Considering the criticality of the server racks, the following four components form the core part of a server rack.

  • Air Seal Kit
  • blanking panel
  • brush module
  • plinth

Air-seal Kit

The air-seal kit is an integral part of the server rack. It is designed to manage the cooling requirements of mission-critical equipment. It minimizes the mixing of hot and cold air and reduces the chance of short circuits. The air-seal kit covers the front and topside.


  • Enhances the thermal management by avoiding Cold and Hot mixing.
  • Easy installation

Blanking Panel

A Blanking Panel is an essential component of a server rack to optimize airflow management. It is popularly known as filler panels or rack spacers. As one of the premier manufacturers of server racks, Netrack designed tool-less blanking panels that can be installed and uninstalled from the server racks without using screws in traditional ways. They are available in many sizes. Blanking panel reduces the chance of mixing hot and cold air by preventing airflow to the unused rack space. Hence, it can effectively reduce any thermal short circuit.


  • It prevents thermal short circuit
  • Efficient and easy to install
  • Compatible with any racks or rails
  • Available in 1U and 2U Variants

Brush module

The brush module forms an important part of the server rack to manage airflow appropriately within the data center. Server racks are designed with brush modules on the top, bottom, and side panels with an air seal kit to reduce airflow leakage. This ensures a consistent flow of cold air through mission-critical equipment and prevents airflow leakage even during the increase of the flow.


  • Robust solution for data centers of all sizes
  • Eliminates the chance of cable damage
  • Easy to install


The Plinth is another essential component of the server rack. It is a platform that supports the rack and evenly distributes weight and secures the racks and cabinets. It ensures long-term stability to the server racks and improves the airflow, enhancing the data center’s cooling capacity. The elevation due to the plinth provides cold air to pass through the equipment so that the hot air released moves out through the chimney above the false ceiling and plain door blocks.


  • Rack stability
  • Improved airflow
  • Improve cooling capacity

Hence, it can be concluded that the four rack accessories mentioned above form the core part of the server racks and make it a success among present-day data centers.

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