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4 Ways to Upgrade the Server Room to Meet Today’s Demands

The world we live in is witnessing rapid digitalization, and to support that, data centers and server rooms have become focal points. To meet the increasing digital demands, organizations are focussing on upscaling and optimizing their server rooms. Now, over the years, one thing has become evident: the upgradation of the server room is not limited to accommodating more powerful hardware. Instead, the emphasis is on enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of the equipment and servers.

Choose a rack with a plinth for stability and cooling

Server Racks or cabinets are the base of a server room that hosts the network equipment. Hence, it is essential to make this base solid and durable. A plinth is a base or platform that provides additional stability to the rack structure. So, organizations investing in racks with plinths ensure a robust structure, especially to house modern servers and networking equipment that are heavier and generate more heat than their traditional counterparts.

The plinth not only improves stability but also ensures efficient cooling. Adequate airflow is critical to prevent overheating, and the raised design of the plinth allows for better air circulation around The Mission critical IT Equipment. This upgrade ensures that a server room can handle the heat generated by high-performance servers and networking gear, promoting durability and optimal performance.

The need for air-sealing kits

To create a controlled environment in the server room, there is a growing need to invest in air-sealing kits for server and network racks. These kits help prevent air leakage within the rack, ensuring that the cooling system operates with maximum efficiency.

Air sealing kits typically include seals or liners, brushes, and other components that seal gaps or openings in the rack enclosures. By minimizing air leakage, the server room can maintain a consistent temperature, which eventually reduces the load on cooling systems, reducing electricity consumption and hence improving the energy efficiency of the server room. This upgrade is particularly relevant as energy consumption and sustainability are critical for modern IT infrastructure management.

Brush modules for an organized look

Cable management is another crucial aspect when aiming to make a server room efficient. This upgrade is critical since maintaining a tidy and efficient environment assures safeguarding mission-critical equipment.

Using brush modules for cable entry and exit points is an effective solution offering numerous advantages. These modules surround the cables to prevent the entry of dust, debris, or other pollutants. Brush modules not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the server room by organizing cables neatly but also contribute to the prevention of cable damages.

Additionally, they facilitate more manageable maintenance and troubleshooting of cables and equipment. As server rooms become more complex, cable management solutions like brush modules are essential to ensure a streamlined and reliable infrastructure.

Why containment system is critical?

Implementing a containment system is a strategic move to optimize airflow and cooling efficiency within the server room. Containment systems segregate hot and cold air streams, preventing them from mixing and improving the overall effectiveness of the cooling infrastructure.

There are two types of containment systems – hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment. These systems use physical barriers, such as panels, to isolate hot or cold aisles. Controlling airflow in this manner, containment systems contribute to a more predictable and energy-efficient cooling environment. As server room densities increase, containment systems become crucial in maintaining optimal operating conditions and extending the lifespan of critical equipment.

By implementing the upgrades mentioned above, an organization can ensure a sustainable and future-ready server room.

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