February 2024

The world we live in is witnessing rapid digitalization, and to support that, data centers and server rooms have become focal points. To meet the increasing digital demands, organizations are focussing on upscaling and optimizing their server rooms. Now, over the years, one thing has become evident: the upgradation of the server room is not limited to accommodating more powerful hardware. Instead, the emphasis is on enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of the equipment and servers. Choose a rack with a plinth for stability and cooling Server Racks or cabinets are the base of a server room that hosts the network equipment. Hence, it is essential to make this base solid and durable. A plinth is a base or platform that provides additional stability to the rack structure. So, organizations investing in racks with plinths ensure a robust structure, especially to house modern servers and networking

The data center market is experiencing consistent and extraordinary growth in the past few years. Such growing importance is due to the increasing reliance of organizations on cloud infrastructure and captive data centers. In this evolving technology landscape, it soon became obvious that the demand for efficient and future-ready data center racks will also increase. Netrack, a leading player in rack enclosure manufacturing, has emerged as a pioneer by delivering innovative solutions like the iRack and iRack Block. Understanding the growth of data center market Now, the question is whether the sudden growth of this data center market was predicted and bound to happen with the boom of technology and digitalization. As cloud computing and data-intensive applications became common, the data center market started expanding rapidly. This is because, the organizations dependent upon data for their daily operation started to leverage either cloud services or investing in captive data centers to meet their growing storage