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Address the criticality of choosing the right PDU with Netrack’s PDU variants

The IT industry is adopting digital technology with the aspiration to enhance capability across its business functions. Since a business cannot run without a capable IT system, organizations embrace the next-generation IT infrastructure to secure the functionality. This approach can increase the scope of an organization to establish an edge over its competitors; choosing the suitable power distribution unit (PDU) is part of adopting to Next-Generation IT Infrastructure. A compatible and appropriate PDU will help an enterprise improve it’s capacity planning and overall efficiency and reduce the cost.

A reliable PDU is essential for maintaining and managing critical equipment within the data center. Hence, it is necessary to choose the right PDU to distribute measured power to all the IT equipment with adequate electrical protection. Since the PDU should be based on the requirement of the data center, it must be compatible as well.

Steps to choose the right PDU 

  1. Understand the mounting requirement
  2. Determine the amperage level
  3. Analyze the infrastructure voltage
  4. Evaluate the input power
  5. Choose plug type based on electrical connections
  6. Measure the length of the power cord
  7. Understand the number of devices connected
  8. Setup local meters to gauge circuit capacity
  9. Encourage remote monitoring and switching

An IT industry cannot jeopardize its daily business operation due to low-quality PDU. An inefficient and inadequate quality PDU can adversely impact the business-critical equipment since they are connected with the rack through the PDU. Netrack Understands the criticality of PDU, All models are professionally designed with high quality & Tested Inputs to ensure customers get the highest quality of the product with 100% Reliability and Dependability. Netrack Offers a wide range of high-quality power distribution to feed power to mission-critical equipment.  The PDU comes with a high-quality powder-coated metal box with the best available electrical parts properly rated and certified.

The PDUs Netrack offer is rated and protected with MCB and fuses to meet various industrial requirements. Input is either open or comes with Indian/ IEC plugs. They are available in horizontal and vertical mounting models with a power rating of 3.6 to 44 kWh. The PDUs come with a Local Metering option.

The PDUs Netrack offers are available in multiple colours, making it easier to identify the redundant feeds. It helps to organize the power infrastructure for easy power management and maintenance. PDUs offered by Netrack are certified with international standards. They are UL and RoHS compliant, CB certified, EMC tested, CE, and LVD marked.

Significant benefits of choosing the right PDU

  1. Reliable circuit design
  2. Reduced unplanned downtime and error
  3. Prevent outages
  4. Increase dependability
  5. Safe lock ready sockets
  6. Continuous power consumption monitoring
  7. Save power
  8. Consistent power consumption and energy management
  9. Secured infrastructure network
  10. Lower business cost

About NetRack:

Netrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is a leading solution provider of PDU. The company focuses on offering coloured PDUs to improve the capability and efficiency of the IT infrastructure. The PDU offered is certified with both national and international certificates to brand its quality.

– RoHS compliant

– UL and CB certified

– ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System

– ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System

– ISO 45001: 2018 for Occupational Health and Safety 

So, let Netrack help you address the issue of choosing the right PDU that your enterprise can benefit from.

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