Safe Lock power cords

How to safeguard your Mission Critical Equipment from accidental Pullover

The digital era has enhanced the dependence of the IT industry on equipment, network, and IT infrastructure. At this point, both business and mission-critical equipment gained considerable prominence to maintain the process and overall business workflow. When the organisation’s sustenance depends on mission-critical equipment, it is essential to safeguard the equipment to ensure uninterrupted business operation. This will reduce downtime and eventually lessen the chance of financial losses.

Challenges to overcome

Unplanned power outages can adversely impact daily business operations in any industrial setting. Such sudden power failures or shutdowns become a critical challenge for organisations to keep their workflow intact. Also, accidental pullover often happens due to loose connections in the plug and socket area or manhandling of cords. This can lead to accidents apart from downtime of the equipment. So, it is essential to secure any loose connection cords and sockets sturdy and of good quality.

Now, irrespective of the fact that the IT enterprises strategies contingency plans to handle any such accidental pullover, system failures still happen to result in financial losses.  During such a scenario, it is vital to fix the issue within a set timeframe to avoid dampening the efficiency and operation of the enterprise. Here Netrack can help reduce such instances of accidental pullover due to human intervention with the help of Safe Lock Receptacles. With the use of technology and innovation, Netrack offers a unique solution. It is a combination of an IEC Lock compatible Socket and SafeLock power cord to safeguard the cable and socket connection at PDU end.

The solution offered by Netrack

The Safe Lock power cords manufactured by Netrack are made from the best quality material. They are available in C13-14, C14-15, and C19-20 configurations for enterprises, to choose the option suitable for safeguarding their critical equipment. Based on specific requirements, these power cords are also manufactured with customized configurations by Netrack, designed to address the particular business need. They are also available in different colors; black, red, blue, etc., to demarcate cords for effective organization of the IT infrastructure.

The following are the Safe Lock power cords features that enhance the capacity to reduce any accidental pullover.

  • Effectively manage up to 105°C temperature.
  • Available in 3 sizes; 2ft, 3ft, and 6ft
  • Available in colours for identification and maintenance
  • Customization apart from available cord configurations
  • ConformiteEuropeenne (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified to ensure quality

Is your equipment safe?

Managing assets efficiently that are critical to the business are essential. There is always a need to mitigate risk if not eliminate it. Hence, the pertinent question here is if your business is secured from accidental pullover. If the answer is no and you plan to reduce your business’s operational risk, Netrack is your solution.

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