Air Seal Kit for server rack

Increase the cooling efficiency in three steps

The safety and effectiveness of a data center largely depend upon the enhanced cooling system for data center. Excessive hot air circulation within a data center can cause equipment to overheat and malfunction. Hence the objective is always to minimize airflow volume by containing each rack within its system to ensure that the hot exhaust air remains isolated from the cold air.

Data center cooling with airflow management

It requires a lot of planning and effort to manage data center cooling. First, however, the role of airflow management must be considered. It isolates hot and cold airstreams by aligning the racks in parallel rows with the inlet sides of the servers while facing each other across an aisle. This prevents the mixing of the thermal environment within the data center and minimizes the chance of short circuits or outages.

A well-planned airflow management is essential because it ensures that the facility maintains a proper temperature throughout its operation. This cost-efficient solution can also save power in the long run. The data center equipment ensures that the cold air enters from the front side while exhausting the hot air from the rear. This hot air is then removed by an air-handling unit (AHU). Here the bypass airflow supplying cold air mixes up with the hot air before returning to the AHU. This increases the data center temperature and reduces its cooling capacity. Here, Blanking panels, Air Seal Kit for server rack, Plinth, and Brush modules are used as a part of the airflow management solution to eliminate the chance of mixing hot and cold air.

Brush module

The airflow management solution offered by Netrack is comprehensive and covers all aspects. The accessories of the airflow management solution are effective and practical. For example, brushed tiles have smooth edges that reduce leakage due to floor tiles with irregular shapes. When a brush module is added on the top, bottom, and side panels with an air seal kit, it increases the efficiency of airflow management.


Again, the racks can be secured with Plinth, Rack Side Thermal Sealing protected with an air seal kit for server rack alongside Blanking Panels between the equipment to prevent airflow to the new cabinet and rack space. Although the plinth is used mainly to secure cabinets and racks, it also improves the airflow between critical equipment through the elevation that forces the cold air to pass only through the equipment. In contrast, the hot air gets released through the chimney above the false ceiling and plain door blocks. Also, the rack elevation due to the plinth ensures equipment safety from water and other factors.

Air Seal Kit and Blanking Panels

The Air Seal Kit used as part of efficient airflow management covers the top and side parts of the enclosure to minimize the mixing of hot and cold air. The whole process becomes effective with the Blanking Panels.

Blanking Panels are, also known as filler panels or rack spacers installed in the rack enclosures to maintain appropriate airflow and temperature. For convenience, Netrack designed a toolless blanking panel, which is easy to install and works efficiently.

Cold and Hot Aisle Containment

The Cold and Hot Aisle Containment is a part of the effective airflow management strategy that assures consistency in airflow and temperature. The Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) solution contains cold air and guarantees that the cold air enters only the mission-critical equipment. This ensures rack-level cooling. The Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) solution contains the hot air and exhausts the hot air to prevent the hot air from affecting the rest of the room. This is a cost-efficient solution for a small data center where the number of racks is less.

Choose an enhanced cooling system for data center!

Make it right with small changes

Here, the advantage of having a proper setup for the data center is crucial to ensuring effective cooling. The process begins with choosing the right rack equipped with an air diverter kit, blanking panels, plinth, brush modules, and containment.

Since poor airflow management increases the operating cost of the data center due to unnecessary energy consumption, small changes by adding certain airflow management accessories can make a huge difference by reducing cable and equipment failure, overheating issues, and downtime of mission-critical equipment.

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