Safe lock power cords

All you need to know about power cords

All you need to know about power cords

An accidental pullover or any unplanned power outage adversely affects critical business operations. Such downtime negatively impacts a company’s credibility, interrupts the organizational workflow, and causes substantial financial loss.

Now, primarily accidental pullovers happen due to loose connections in the plug and socket section. However, manhandling of cords is also another reason for such a mishap. This is critical since it can lead to accidents apart from equipment downtime. Hence, securing the cord and socket area with a good-quality product is essential.

Business loss due to downtime

Despite strategic contingency plans, power shutdowns not only hinder the functioning of an enterprise for a specific timeframe but also hampers the regular and seamless operation of any industrial setup. According to secondary research, an average downtime can cost an organization loss of approximately $5,600 per minute.

This is a challenge faced by almost all industry verticals. However, since this results in the expensive and unplanned shutdown of mission-critical equipment, it should be dealt with appropriately and within a stipulated time frame to prevent it from reducing the overall efficiency and functioning of the organization.

Netrack solution: Safe lock power cords

Good quality and certified lockable power cords are valuable for IT applications. Netrack understands the criticality of such accidental pullovers. With the help of the latest technology and innovation, Netrack designed a unique solution to avoid any downtime due to loose connections in the plug and socket area or unavoidable human intervention. With the help of Safe Lock Receptacles designed by Netrack, organizations can successfully eliminate any accidental pullover due to human error at the PDU level.

The combination of an IEC Lock compatible Socket and Safe Lock power cord ensures the safety of the cable, plug, and socket connection, especially near the power distribution unit (PDU). These receptacles are CE certified, and the cables are UL-certified. In addition, Netrack manufactures standard and secure lock versions of these power cords to help organizations attain safety measures cost-efficiently.

Here it must be mentioned that the Safe Lock power cords manufactured by Netrack are of premium quality material. These cords are at par with the industrial standard to ensure efficient functioning. They can withstand temperatures up to 105°C and are available in red, blue, white, grey, yellow, orange, green, and black colors.

Importance of choosing the right power cord

The power cords offered by Netrack are of various lengths, such as 2ft, 3ft, 6ft, and 10ft. Such customized power cords with multiple colors and Lengths are to efficiently manage the power source, identify cords for effective IT infrastructure management, and improve overall airflow management.

It is essential to choose the power cord based on the distance between the equipment where it is placed and the power socket. This will improve the airflow of the area where the hot air exhaust of the equipment is in the rear side of the cabinet. This is an essential step in safeguarding critical equipment from getting damaged due to overheating. These power cords are available in C13-14, C13-15, and C19-20 configurations to cater to varying industrial requirements.

Secure your business today!

It is often said that it is essential to mitigate risk if it is impossible to eliminate it completely. Hence securing a business from accidental pullovers will reduce operational risk and ensure business stability and dependability.

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