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Maximize uptime with the right server rack strategies

The data center has been in the limelight for quite some time now, and the focus is now on its efficiency in terms of uptime and cooling. A huge part of the data center’s efficiency depends upon the server racks it hosts. Hence, careful selection of server racks based on loading varying capacity, density, and applications can ensure the maximum efficiency of a data center.

Rack options for varying density and load capacity

Netrack designed and manufactured the below rack enclosures of different types based on the load varying capacity so that an organization can choose the right rack that can cater to its needs.

  • NRS 1: This general electronic rack series can host servers, networking, AV, telecom, and lab applications. It has a small density and loads varying capacity of 350kg and 750 kgs. These steel racks are powder coated with quality materials for durability.
  • NRS: These standard medium density rack configurations have 750kg on caster and 1250kgs of load on plinth. These racks have a robust frame with a vented top cover and provision for mounting fans to ensure ventilation. This rack enclosure is secured with a perforated metal door and lock features.
  • NRSe: The NRSe series is a type of ultra-rigid rack enclosure that is best for high-density applications. It can cater to load varying capacity of 1500kgs. These rack configurations are ideal for server room with high-density applications because it has a tough frame with exhaust blowers and adjustable ducts to ensure an easy outlet for hot air. Its front convex perforated steel door with locking features makes this server rack perfect for data centers.

Seismic-proof racks for durability

Server rack enclosures are also chosen depending upon any physical threat, vibration due to seismic waves, or unavoidable natural forces. Netrack designed earthquake-proof server racks tested for zone 4 of Seismic activity to improve the durability and sustainability of the racks and the servers and network it is hosting. This can minimize the risk of equipment damage and ensure business continuity.

Assured quality and safety

These ultra-rigid racks have a sturdy base that anchors the rack to the floor and holds the equipment in place. They are fixed to the floor or any raised platform with bracing bolts and comes with various Top and side brazing options. The blanking panel, air seal kit, brush module, and other such accessories within the rack also ensure airflow management. Hence, it can be an ideal solution in both medium and high-risk seismic zones. These seismic racks are designed to cater to high-density applications. These server racks have a vented top cover with a provision for fan mounting. The front and back perforated metal door come with a multi-point locking system.

This seismic rack variety is offered with four diverse bracing options such as;

  • High tension Bracing Bolt
  • Anti-vibration Mount Pads
  • Ultra-rigid Bracing frame
  • Top bracing

iRacks: self-cooling rack enclosures

Data centers need to maintain a controlled thermal environment to guarantee equipment uptime. Netrack’s iRack series are self-cooling racks that are specifically designed to address smaller requirements and to ensure optimal cooling of mission-critical equipment . It has a unique feature of the air-conditioning system installed within the rack built-in with accessories for precession cooling.

Choosing iRacks

These racks have the following advantages

  • Low installation cost
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Self-cooling capacity
  • Dust protection technique
  • Eco-friendly
  • Built-in fire detection and suppression capacity
  • Thermal management system

Choose your rack sensibly

Hence it can be concluded that organizations opting for increasing the uptime of the data center equipment and server must choose the server racks carefully and strategically. This will ensure cost efficiency and return on investment.

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