Importance of Blanking Panels in Data Centers

The Importance of Blanking Panels in Data Centers

The Importance of Blanking Panels in Data Centers

The need for data center solutions also increased over time with the growing importance of data centers and their critical role in organizations. The focus of such data center solutions is to ensure sufficient cooling of the mission-critical equipment hosted by the data centers, effective airflow management, and efficient data center functioning with zero downtime.

Need to keep data centers cool

One of the primary determining factors of an organization’s growth is scalability. So, with time organizations need to accommodate additional server racks, which may result in overheating. Here blanking panels play an essential role in the data center solution to keep the air cool. 

These blanking panels, also known as filler panels, are deployed on single or multiple unused rack units. They act as a barrier for the unused U Space in racks preventing hot and cold air from mixing. Such an arrangement efficiently prevents hot air from re-entering the system, which results in cost minimization of the air circulation process. 

The rack’s blanking panel, air seal kit, brush module, and other such accessories ensure efficient airflow management. Hence over cooling / under cooling to mission-critical equipment can be prevented through effective airflow management. 

Also, blanking panel enables the data center to create an organized environment within the data center ecosystem.

Features that make blanking panels a must in data centers!

The simple yet effective operation of the blanking panel makes it popular among data centers.

  • Both plastic and metal blanking panels are available in the market with tool-less mounting option.
  • The blanking panels visibly reduce the re-circulation of hot exhaust air to the equipment and servers, preventing any damage to the wiring or the equipment due to hot spot creation. 
  • The blanking panel empowers the data center to minimize equipment downtime and boost data center capability to a great extent.
  • As per the aesthetics of the rest of the data center, one can choose a black or white blanking panel to blend in the environment better.

Netrack’s data centre solution

Blanking panels play a crucial part in Netrack’s airflow management solution. These solution will ensure the air temperature and pressure are maintained at optimal levels to avoid any thermal damage to the server and other IT equipment. Temperature maintenance is possible due to the isolation of hot and cold air by establishing a cold aisle and arranging the servers to face each other across the aisle. It successfully reduces mixing of hot air with cold air and forms the initial part of airflow management. However, the airflow management strategy varies from one data center to the other. Since cooling efficiency is the determining factor for analysing the robustness of a data center, it is essential to ensure that the data center has an effective cooling system.

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