NRSWA – Wide Angle Series

NRSWA – Wide Angle Series of Racks is the next-generation solution

The NRSWA series of racks are specialized racks used in R&D centers and labs. The Racks are tailor-made to customer requirements and are available in complete steel or aluminum & Steel composite. The design is completely modular and CKD construction allows too fast and easy assembly at the site.

The wide-angle racks provide a secure cabinet space for standard rack-mount devices in the laboratory and R&D non-IT equipment. In addition, the wide rack design facilitates proper cable management. As a result, companies can rely on the NRSWA series to be conveniently deployed in their R&D centers for maximum space utilization.

Here are some benefits of upgrading to NRSWA Wide Angle Rack:

  • Enough equipment space
  • Availability of Door and Locking mechanism for enhanced security and maintenance
  • Hassle-free looping of cables to avoid messy entanglement.
  • Flexible mounting rails to support full-depth equipment
  • Easy accessibility of the installed equipment with removable side panels
  • Best suited for R&D And Lab application
  • Provides enhanced thermal management

Which features should buyers count while buying racks for lab applications and research centers?

The significant feature to consider during your purchase is the rack size. The cabinet design’s height, width, and depth are essential specifications to count for versatile usage. In case of specific client needs, the rack design can be customized to fit the laboratory environments.

Deployment of appropriate racks is critical to achieving operational excellence in research centers. Hence, time and again, Netrack upgrades their series of premium racks and bring highly scalable labs to achieve better application performance and management capabilities.

Netrack Enclosures manufactures special NRSWA [Wide Angle] racks that are built in compliance with high-quality standards under stringent ISO parameters. Apart from quality compliance, they are engineered to perfection to cater to the varied needs of the end-user- R&D centers and/or labs.

NRSWA features at Netrack:

Width Available:1000MM ~2000MM

Depth Available:650MM ~ 1200MM

Raw Material: CRCA Steel

Standard Finish: Powder Coated

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