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Cable Management solutions are dependent, on the scale of operation, client specifications, and end application. Made of special grade steel tube, completely modular, light weight but rugged, minimizing deflection, the runway and accessories are of the highest quality standards. If set up in an organized fashion at the outset it is not difficult to sustain that organization even as more cables pile on over time as you upgrade equipment and your facility.

Cable management rack is a rack (apparatus), as well as process that fits into the “necessity is the mother of invention” paradigm. The rack, the servers and cables per se do not manage themselves. It is indeed challenging if not baffling, organizing and maintaining cables when working around servers and their multitudinous cables and connectors. Working up a gigantic headache is easy, when you are trying to work around a maze of haphazardly laid cables, not to mention the potential damage to cabling and peripherals. The explosion of power and communication cable management can become a maze of tangled wires that can be a messy affair not to mention dangerous to equipment and cables. You need not stay in this messy situation. If you have decided to resolve this disorganized state of affairs the cabling has to be done in an organized manner at the very setup stage. The high density Network cable management rack is designed and manufactured under the uncompromising, stringent ISO 9001-2008 standards.

Cable Management Solutions

cable management rack

Cable management Technical Specification Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No. W D U Space
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/150/2U/Front HDHCO-2-150-F 483 150 2U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/300/2U/Front & Back HDHCO-2-150-150-FB 483 300 2U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/150/3U/Front HDHCO-3-150-F 483 150 3U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/300/3U/Front & Back HDHCO-3-150-150-FB 483 300 3U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/150/4U/Front HDHCO-4-150-F 483 150 4U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/300/4U/Front & Back HDHCO-4-150-150-FB 483 300 4U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/200/2U/Front HDHCO-2-200-F 483 200 2U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/475/2U/Front & Back HDHCO-2-200275-FB 483 475 2U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/200/3U/Front HDHCO-3-200-F 483 200 3U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/475/3U/Front & Back HDHCO-3-200275-FB 483 475 3U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/200/4U/Front HDHCO-4-200-F 483 200 4U
High Density Horizontal CableOrganiser/475/4U/Front & Back HDHCO-4-200275-FB 483 475 4U


  • It is recommended to distribute the Load along with U space in the Rack
  • Dimension are in MM