Right Rack for Data Centre Industry

Selection of the right rack for data-centre industry

The demand for better technology is increasing every day. Any industry one can think of, looks forward to making use of this cutting-edge technology. With so much to work around, ranking a selection criterion when choosing the best rack for your data center is imperative. A well-selected server rack can go a long way in making a data centre more efficient. It is therefore important to look into a few factors to select the right rack for a data centre or any industry it’s been incorporated into.

Depending upon the equipment to be mounted within the rack, it would be categorised as a server or a network rack. Due to the extra space required for cabling, network racks are usually wider than server racks. The attributes of the IT equipment help in establishing some basic parameters such as dimensions and load capacity; which is helpful in the selection of rack.

  1. Determination of Load-bearing capacity

While the size of the cabinet enclosures varies significantly depending on the usage, data center server racks have specific dimensions adhering to the unit of measurement, abbreviated as U or RU. The load-bearing capacity per U is an important factor in determining the rack, as the correct load rating avoids any equipment damage or collapse. It is always recommended to install heavier equipment at the bottom.

Model Static Load On Casters (Kgs) Load Capacity Per U (Kgs) Static Load On Leveller / Plinth (Kgs) Load Capacity Per U (Kgs)
NRS1/42U 350 8 750 18
NRS/42U 750 18 1250 30
NRSe/42U 1500 36
  1. Mounting Options

The type of mounting contributes a great deal to the rack selection criteria. The Casters or Levellers are made to transfer Point Load, while Plinth transfers the Distributed load. Because of its stability and endurance for high loads, floor enclosures can generally handle load up to its space capacity.

3.PDU-certified racks and DCs

The rack that suits our needs must also be qualified for quality and durability to prove more competent and economical in the long run. Globally recognised certification bodies like UL acknowledge PDU-certified (Power Distribution Units) racks for quality, reliability, dependability while considering them safe to use, with no power outage. That apart, it is advisable to use standard DC accessories like Air Seal kit, Brush Module, or Blanking Panel, for better airflow management and reduced operational cost.

To keep pace with the growing demand for cutting-edge technology it is suggested that we ensure the rack which holds the whole IT equipment in place, is globally-recognised, and follows all compliance measures, keeping the data-center ecosystem balanced.

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