February 2021

The evolution observed in the IT and business industry has put forth the need for more research and development to bring cutting edge DC technology. It is essential to make racks more competent for networking, computing, and better storage for equipment. Hence, the selection of the right data-centre rack is imperative to optimize the DC ecosystem. As the need for a better IT infrastructure grows, so does the demand for a well-designed, cohesive rack cabinet that promotes efficient management and flexibility. Organizations today need enclosures that can hold heavier loads without any compromise on maintaining their structural integrity. This makes it important to know about the attributes of the IT equipment the rack is supposed to hold, such as dimensions and load capacity & more. Determination of load-bearing capacity is a significant factor that affects the rack selection criteria. Each rack comes with

The effect of rapid digitalization across all industries has forced companies to act quickly and install next-generation IT infrastructure at their desired locations. This applies to core IT firms, and data centers as well. Availability and security are the key criteria for any firm to continue normal operations, as operations are greatly affected without a well-functioning IT system. A reliable power supply is a crucial element of any firm largely dependent on IT. And that is where PDU or Power Distribution Units play a major role, as they are considered the heart of rack solutions. Selecting the right rack PDU for the application can be difficult especially without any information on the equipment that will go into the rack. Industries cannot afford to use low-quality PDUs as they greatly affect the critical equipment going into the rack. Here are some

The demand for better technology is increasing every day. Any industry one can think of, looks forward to making use of this cutting-edge technology. With so much to work around, ranking a selection criterion when choosing the best rack for your data center is imperative. A well-selected server rack can go a long way in making a data centre more efficient. It is therefore important to look into a few factors to select the right rack for a data centre or any industry it’s been incorporated into. Depending upon the equipment to be mounted within the rack, it would be categorised as a server or a network rack. Due to the extra space required for cabling, network racks are usually wider than server racks. The attributes of the IT equipment help in establishing some basic parameters such as dimensions and load