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AcoustiRACK™ Active – Server Room in a Cabinet

The AcoustiRACK™ ACTIVE (ARA™) is a soundproof, cabinet providing unprecedented levels of noise reduction up to 30 dB(A) with 8 KW of heat dissipation and dust protection for 19-inch servers and networking equipment. When combined with unique, high-quality acoustic materials, the ARA™ achieves previously unattainable spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum

Extreme energy consumption is the number one challenge facing data centers today. Using the ARA™, companies are freed from paying exorbitant energy bills to hyper-cool dedicated server rooms just to avoid equipment burnout. Employees are no longer faced with the myriad of physical and psychological ills associated with exposure to chronic noise pollution

Available in 32RU & 42RU Variants with 1200 Depth Configurations and 600 width configurations.

Technical Specification


The Active Silencer Fan Tray™ (ASFT™) is a fan drawer, designed for assisting ventilation by forcing air into and out of an enclosure, while preventing noise from escaping.

The unit is lined with acoustic material and equipped with Silentium's proprietary noise-cancelling technology which is highly effective in reducing low frequency noise. When combined with unique high quality acoustic materials this product achieves unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum.

This product is the most advanced solution for the growing IT noise problems faced by today's workforce. The ASFT™ reduces the auxiliary fans noise and the left installed equipment noise to the surrounding noise level.


  • Overall Height = Frame Height+Plinth or Caster
  • It is recommended to distribute the Load along with U space in the Rack
  • Dimension are in MM


H - Overall height

h - Usable height

W - Overall width

w - Usable width

D - Overall depth

d - Usable depth

Description Height (mm)
TYPE-3 105

ARA™ 830 Technical Details

  • Up to 30dB(A) broadband noise reduction
  • Two Dustproof fans (each 24VDC)
  • 360 CFM for each fan in free air, cumulative airflow is approx. 700CFM
  • Soundproofing materials lining within significantly reduce the fan motor & installed equipment high frequency noise to approx. 30dBA
  • Anti-vibration soft fan gasket
  • Thermocouple fan speed control - the ASFT™provides the customer with flexible airflow control
  • Dimensions: 4U, 830(L)x445x(W)mm
  • Power: 24v, 220W
  • Input Socket: DC Connector
  • CE, FCC compliance

Features & Accessories


  • Gain the competitive edge – Offer your products without noise
  • Green your IT- Eliminate noise pollution and consume less energy
  • Instant ROI - Heat dissipation of upto 8 KW allows you to reset the thermostat to a normal level, dramatically reducing your electric bill. The ARA™ eliminates the need for dedicated server room so you can reclaim valuable square footage
  • Extends the life of your equipment – Constant temperature maintenance prevents machine burnout
  • Improve productivity - Employees work better due to a quieter, less stressful environment

ARA™ Air Flow Characteristics

The ARA™ airflow design considerations were made to enable maximum noise reduction by using hybrid means. Simultaneously, the chance of inflicting damage to enclosed equipment is reduced by preventing hotspot and dissipating maximum heat under the constraint of keeping minimum total cost of the rack ownership.

Cool air is suctioned in through a fan tray at the bottom of the ARA™. The air is directed to the front of the unit, whereas a cool wall of air is formed and then flows through the equipment to the rear of the cabinet. The newly warm air is emitted out from the front of the cabinet through a second fan tray positioned at the top. This keeps continuous flow of fresh air through the ARA™cabinet. The advantages of this design allows the user to place the rack close to a wall, high flexibility and save valuable space.