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Air Seal Kit

Air Seal Kit


This will minimize hot & cold air Mixing / short circuit and divert the air to enter mission critical equipments. This will be critical accessory for datacenter Racks to increase the efficiency of Thermal management.

Air-seal Kit will cover front sides and Top. The filler panels will cover the front side unused equipment mounting area.

Tool-less blanking panels, designed to assemble and disassemble quickly as compared to the conventional screwed blanking panels. Apart from standard modules, this is also available in metal which can be customized to different sizes, and colors.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No Material
Blank Panel/1U/ Pk of 5 BP-1-5
Blank Panel/2U/ Pk of 5 BP-2-5
Front Air seal Kit/42/600/ Type1 ASK-42-600-001
Front Air seal Kit/42/800/ Type1 ASK-42-800-001 CRCA Steel, Formed & Powder Coated
Front Air seal Kit/42/600/ Type2 ASK-42-600-002
Front Air seal Kit/42/800/ Type2 ASK-42-800-002
Blank Panel/Metal/Tool-less/1U/Pk of 5 BP-1-5-M-TL
Blank Panel/Metal/Tool-less/2U/Pk of 5 BP-2-5-M-TL