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Brush Tile

Brush Tile


Standard all Raised Floor made of 2X2 Feet Tiles installed on Grid Frame, NetRack offers ready to use Brush Tile 2X2 feet has 75X450-3 No cutout with high quality Nylon high density brush to reduce Cold air leakage. Brush Tile can be swapped with existing conventional tile at required area to get below advantages-

  • Reduces Cold air leakages
  • Eliminates pollution during tile cutting
  • Eliminate Cable damages due to bad Tile cutting
  • Easiness of relocation the tile

With are quality product delivery we have become a leading brush tile manufacturer; Our Raised floor is made to help data centres to speed up their racks deployment and provide them with proper air circulation simultaneously. Efficient rack airflow management helps in enhancing the efficiency of the floor rack system. There must be an opening beneath the racks for cable management and airflow. The brush strip raised floor tile can be utilised with different heights, making them useful for various industries. You can also adjust the size of the cable openings, and the two openings also ensure the distribution of the cables well. The openings are fitted with a double layer airbrush for efficient and uninterrupted airflow.

Our products undergo a standardised testing procedure to ensure the best quality reaches you. The IT industries are evolving continuously, and it becomes essential to match their requirements pace. Therefore, we constantly work towards bettering our services for your best-in-class experience.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No. Construction
Brush Tile / 600 X 600 BTM-600600-001 Formed Steel & Powder Coated with 1 Openings
Brush Tile / 600 X 600 BTM-600600-002 Formed Steel & Powder Coated with 2 Openings
Brush Tile / 600 X 600 BTM-600600-003 Formed Steel & Powder Coated with 3 Openings