Benefits of Wall Mount Racks

Benefits of a wall mount rack that can go a long way

When an enterprise or an individual requires to set up a server rack they come across many options. Racks for housing networking equipment, panels, switches, and servers are designed considering different needs and environments. Each rack can enable the storage of one or more servers in an appropriate environment. In addition, they come with their unique features and advantages.

Wall mount rack designed to perfection

Wall Mount Racks are commonly known as Wall Mount Cabinets or Wall Mount Enclosures. They are built and customized in height and accessories to cater to the customer’s requirements as per specifications. It houses small switches, jack panels to ensure network connectivity between the hub rooms. Since there is limitation in copper connectivity due to the cable distance, hence network connectivity for large establishments can be made seamless with one hub room and wall mount cabinets in multiple locations.

A wall mount rack is best suited where the functional space is limited. For example, home-based businesses lack in-house IT solutions, so; they choose to install network racks independently. Also small businesses and home offices lack enough equipment to justify a full-sized server rack. It usually comes in an open frame or cabinet style and is mounted either vertically or horizontally to save space and ensure quick and easy access to the front and back portion of the rack.

 The racks are welded in a frame with side panels and a vented top cover to mount a fan or two fans that ensure efficient Air-Flow Management. The front portion of the wall mount rack comes with a glass pane and lock system to provide security and visibility, while the back portion offers wall mounting slots for the easy fitment of the equipment.

Benefits: Optimize your workspace

The wall mount racks offer a wide range of benefits such as:

  • It saves the floor space and enables equipment storage in one place, leaving enough room on the floor.
  • It comes with a flexible structure that can be installed at any location and mounted close to conduits that can ensure comfortable control access at the desired height.
  • It is available in different heights and depths that ease the installation process without damaging the equipment.
  • Its mounting depth can be adjusted as per requirement.
  • It ensures secured connectivity with other devices in the room.
  • Provides equipment protection in open spaces from tampering, dust, and other hazards with locks that secure the front and side panels.
  • It can accommodate half-rack-sized electronic equipment.
  • It reduces the chance of overheating with an integrated ventilation grid to extract the hot air from the rack.
  • Wall mount racks can even be installed without professional help with a basic understanding of their operation.
  • It is an affordable option with low maintenance cost.
  • It enables adding more equipment in the future.
  • It comes with open space at the top for easy cable access.
  • It is compatible with all equipment conforming to DIN 41494 (General industrial standard for equipment)
  • IP-56 and IP-60 designed wall mount cabinets are ideal for outdoor installation.

Choose the right wall mount rack.

Hence, choose a wall mount rack considering the height, depth, and weight of the equipment to ensure optimisation of the rack. The wall mount racks are manufactured with CRCA steel – punched, bent, welded, and powder coated with the highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing and Quality management system. Furthermore, based on the airflow requirements, NetRack added features such as perforated metal or glass front doors with a locking mechanism to increase security as part of the wall mount rack to enhance its benefit.

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