Floor mount racks FM series

Floor mount racks (FM series): Understand the basics before choosing

Racks play a critical role in providing a framework for housing servers, equipment, networking devices, and cables. Therefore, based on the requirement and the available space, a rack is selected. However, it cannot be denied that a modular floor-standing enclosure is better than most available choices.

Floor mount rack – what makes them special

A floor mount rack is designed to be installed in compact areas where space is a constraint.

  1. Compact in size, hence easy to place.
  2. It can be used for smaller data storage requirements.
  3. Best suited for residential, SOHO applications.
  4. Features include doors, mounting plate, top cover, rear panel, and side rails.
  5. The racks are powder-coated for long-term sustainability.

Enhanced capability with features and accessories

Floor mount racks are available in different sizes. The FM series floor mount racks are used for small networking setup, AV, and telecom applications. Their frame is integrated with side panels and vented top cover with fan.

These racks are designed with toughened front glass doors and lockable steel doors at the rear.  Added to this is a sophisticated locking system to ensure the safety and security of the mission-critical equipment. It has a freestanding with four caster wheels and two brakes. The floor mount racks are available in 6U to 32U Variants with depth and width configurations of 600 each. It comes with a flexible mounting option to maximize usability.

Since it confirms DIN 41494 (General industrial standard for equipment), the floor mount rack is compatible with all the standard IT equipment. Also, floor mount racks can support additional requirements with higher capability, especially if there is a scope for scalability. In addition, the rack ground Kit, shelves, and cable organizers enhance the efficiency of the floor mount rack.

Top 4 places where Floor Mount racks can be used.

  1. AV Application
  2. Conference rooms
  3. Small home office applications
  4. Home applications such as VR, CCTV camera data storage, home theatre etc

Why do we need it?

  • Flexible with the option to attach several frames
  • Wide variety of available configurations
  • Efficient grounding and bonding
  • Ensure protection from electrical hazards
  • Secure the server and equipment from external damage
  • Allows easy access to the user to reach the cables within the rack
  • Features discrete clamps and hinges for better aesthetics
  • Removable side panels with partial venting for better air circulation
  • Rails can be easily added from the front, rear, as well as side openings
  • Looks organized and increases the efficiency of the production area
  • Cost-efficient solution for residences or small offices.

Accommodate any equipment safely

The floor mount rack manufactured by NetRack adds considerable advantages to efficiently manage and accommodate all networking equipment, providing future expansion and a structured cabling system. It’s assured compatibility with all equipment enhances the need to embrace FM series floor mount racks.

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