High-Density Rack Series: An initiative to make future-ready data centers

Unlike in the past, when the size of a data center determined the amount of data it could handle currently, density is the key factor that projects the capacity of a data center. Without the need to grow in physical space, an increase in density can bring the aspect of scalability.

What fits the digital era!

The amount of power in kilowatts (kW) consumed within a data center determines the density of the data center. A high-density data center usually consumes more than 15 kW of power; hence, it needs better airflow management to ensure efficient cooling.

The following are the benefits of high-density data centers

  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Low in operational and maintenance cost
  • High in performance and efficiency
  • Scalable and flexible

Enhanced Racks: High-density series

To handle high-density applications, high-density data centers play a significant role. Therefore, server racks and cabinets form the base of data center capability. Different cabinets can be found for data center applications. Choosing the right server rack for a high-density data center is crucial for its functionality.

Ultra-rigid enhanced racks are the best choice for high-density applications in data centers and server rooms. They are made up of steel sheets that are punched, bended, welded into desired shape and size. The product is then powder-coated to ensure the highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001Manufacturing & Quality management system. Such standard rack configurations are manufactured with 4 No. Pillars of 14 Gauge steel sheets, Multi folded profiles joined at both top and bottom with textured frame. Also, it is usually supported depth-wise by welding 6 No. depth rail four folded profile. With the top cover, these racks can mount an exhaust blower for efficient hot air management. The adjustable duct ensures the removal of hot air through the false ceiling to the PAC unit. These high-density series racks also come with a front and back convex perforated steel door, a safety lock and key feature, and plain dual side panels. These cabinets are free-standing on plinth and designed to manage high vertical and horizontal cables in a data center.

Features and accessories

The following features and accessories enhance the capability of the NRSE series high-density server racks.

  • Sturdy rack frame
  • Plinth
  • 19″ adapter kit or loops and closed door
  • Perforated metal front and back door / Convex with max perforation
  • Dual side panel
  • Cable basket
  • Brush Module both top and bottom
  • PDU
  • Roof blower module
  • Adjustable mounting depth
  • 4 No Adjustable, 19” verticals with Punched 10 mm
  • Square Hole and Universal 12.7mm-15.875mm-15.875mm
  • Numbered U positions

It makes a difference!

The following are the benefits of embracing these containment-ready racks parts empowered with features and accessories to enhance the high-density data center’s airflow efficiency and overall capability.

  • Enhances thermal management
  • Enhances cable management
  • Enhanced for CAC or HAC
  • Improve airflow management with roof blowers with adjustable Chimney.
  • Enhance ventilation with optional back door blowers
  • Improve the aspect of intelligent locking and Rack Monitoring
  • Maximizes usable mounting space

Empower your data center

Choose the NRSE series high-density closed rack solution for a robust data center. Its quality and on-time delivery ensure a secure and highly efficient data center. These racks are available with the following load varying capacities.

  • 42RU ~ 52RU Variants with 1000 & 1200 Depth configurations and 600 width configurations.
  • 42RU ~52RU Variants with 1000 & 1200 Depth configurations and 800 Width configurations.
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