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A step ahead with different types of sockets in Netrack PDU

A step ahead with different types of sockets in Netrack PDU

A power distribution unit or PDU has enhanced the capability of a IT Industry. Hence, it is a critical part of the industry since it cannot afford outage or damage of business-critical equipment even for a short duration.

Growing need for PDUs

A PDU becomes an anchor to a server room where electrical sockets or related outlets are far away from where equipment is placed. The PDUs ensured that power was distributed stable and controlled to all the IT equipment within the IT environment. A basic PDU consists of one input and multiple outputs connected to different equipment in the server room. These PDUs have either input open or fixed with Indian/IEC Plugs.

Importance of various socket configurations

Thorough market research brought to the forefront the industry requirement, and accordingly, the PDUs are designed with a few basic types of sockets configurations such as;

  • Indian 5A rated at 5A/250V
  • Indian 5/15 rated at 15A/250V
  • Intel Multi pin rated at 6&13A/250V
  • IEC Sockets rated at 10&13A/250V
  • UK Flat Pin rated at 13A/250V

However, other socket configurations are offered as a solution to specific needs. The metered PDUs are manufactured with an inbuilt reliable Circuit board with a digital display showing details about the power supplied. It is a perfect blend of conventional and intelligent PDU that ensures zero overloading and MCB tripping.

The offering

Considering the criticality of PDU, Netrack designed them with different types of sockets and high-quality powder-coated metal boxes connected through certified electrical parts. Furthermore, to enhance dependability, they are protected with MCB & fuses. The following are the three variants available to cater to the industry.

  • Normal Power Distribution units 1 & 3 Phase
  • Metered Power Distribution units 1 & 3 Phase
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Units 1 & 3 Phase

The above variants can either be horizontally or vertically mounted or customized as per the client’s requirement.

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