NRSs Series Racks

NRSS Series – Seismic racks for continuity and reliability

IT room or hub room of an organization plays a crucial role in ensuring that the company functions flawlessly and without facing system or equipment outages. It is a basic need for every organization that its server and related telecommunication equipment always stay connected and operational, even when threatened by any natural force. The same is true to ensure business continuity in case of natural disasters.

Criticality of IT racks

Setting up a server or network room with the right equipment and cabling can be time-consuming and expensive. A single IT rack can support the entire gamut of systems that serve as the backbone for the company. Hence, IT cabinets are chosen considering all the aspects such as physical threat, vibration due to seismic waves, or unavoidable force. Seismic-proof server racks are the perfect solution to improve the durability and performance of the equipment and feasibility in the overall maintenance.

Carefully designed Seismic Rack

Earthquake is a matter of concern for an IT enterprise since damage to equipment in an IT setup can affect the overall functioning of the operation. Netrack understands this and is a strong believer in minimizing the risks of damaging business-critical equipment. Therefore, to offer a rack solution that will be strong enough to protect the hosted equipment from seismic waves, Netrack designed the Seismic Rack Cabinet.

A seismic rack is designed and manufactured based on the level of protection required as per each zone. The following are the guidelines that can determine the rating of a seismic rack.

  • Level of protection offered from earthquake shocks
  • Seismic rack standards are defined based on the earthquake-prone zones they are deployed
  • Risk zones vary from 0 to 5, with zero indicating low-risk zone and five indicating high risk of earthquake.

Features and benefits go hand in hand

The benefits of a seismic rack are as per its physical properties. These are ultra-rigid racks with an enhanced and sturdy base that anchors the rack to the floor and holds the equipment within its place with protection and grip. These seismic racks are manufactured for a high-density application explicitly used by the IT industry in data centers and server rooms. It caters to the IT rooms in both medium and high-risk seismic zones. These seismic rack series are molded and carved out of steel sheets. They are then welded, punched, and framed in racks. These racks are then powder-coated to ensure durability. They are manufactured with the highest quality standards under strict ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing & Quality management system to ensure the highest quality of these seismic racks.

The seismic racks are built with ultra-rigid frames. They have 4 pillars of 14 Gauge steel sheets 5 folded profiles. They are structured and ribbed towards the top and bottom, additionally supported depth-wise by welding 6 no depth rail and 4 folded 75mm 14 Gauge profiles. They are then diagonally reinforced by 4 no of 4 folded 50mm 14 gauge profile. These robust racks are associated with a vented top cover with a provision for fan mounting. The front glass or perforated metal door comes with the locking feature while the back door is vented or perforated metal door also with lock and key. They have partially vented or plain side panels with 1200 depth of the rack and dual side panels.

The best part about these seismic racks is they come with four diverse bracing options such as;

  • High tension Bracing Bolt
  • Anti-vibration Mount Pads
  • Ultra-rigid Bracing frame
  • Top bracing

They are fixed to the floor or any raised platform with bracing bolts based on their type to ensure the highest level of protection. Along with the earthquake-resistant feature, it also excels in enhancing airflow management with a blanking panel, air seal kit, brush module, and other such accessories within the rack.

NRSs series: a durable solution!

NRSs series manufactured by Netrack, one of the top manufacturers of network enclosures worldwide, is considered one of the best seismic racks in the market. They are available in 32RU ~ 47RU variants with 650, 800, 1000, and 1200 depth configurations and 600 and 800 width configurations. In addition, the following features and certificates make NRSs unique and ideal to create a secured environment.

  • UL certified
  • Conforms to DIN 41494 or equivalent ISO/EN/EIA standards
  • Flexible mounting depth
  • Universal 25mm pitch holes for ETSI Standard racks
  • Bracing options
  • 2 or 4 fan options
  • Undergo intense quality testing

Embrace the rack that can give your business-critical equipment its due protection.

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