IT Server Rack

How to choose an IT rack?

IT Server racks

The various types of server racks available are relatively similar to other racks observed by the untrained eye. Nonetheless, if you think of buying new racks, it is essential to comprehend the contrasts between racks’ varieties. If you’re looking for advice about servers and server racks, continue reading to get some clarity.

An information technology (IT) rack is available in various forms. IT racks can be used for multiple purposes, and it is essential to get a rack that can fit into small warehouses and office spaces/Hub Room if needed. Depending on what your purpose of buying an IT rack is, the main criteria when choosing an IT rack should be your requirements for:

● Dimensions

● Mounting options & Load bearing capacity


● Material and Colour

Even special applications, such as seismic racks (offering earthquake protection), soundproof racks, self-cooled racks that provide absolute versatility and enhance protection.

Dimensions, Mounting, Load bearing capacity & Design

The first step is to understand your needs and space where you are going to use the rack. It is relatively straightforward in dimensions, which can be assessed quickly by knowing the equipment’s type and size to be placed in the rack. Secondly, you need to figure out the kind of rack required, like an open frame, a closed frame, or a wall-mounted rack. Extra space at the front and rear will always help when it comes to efficient Equipment and cable management, considering future expansion needs. In General, rack series is designed based on the Load-bearing capacity and their Application. Lastly, you need to check is the maximum load the Rack structure can bear.

Various manufacturing techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. Techniques like stitch and continuous seam welding or folded and tubular sheet offer different capacities. Industrial racks prefer the folded sheet technique. Primarily, static and dynamic load capacity should be your top priorities when choosing an IT rack for your business.

Material and colour

Superior material and colour affect your cooling needs, cleaning lifecycle costs, and maintenance costs. The material used has a direct impact on the rack’s load-bearing capacity. Luminosity and colour have an interlinked relationship; for example, white cabinets require less lighting and absorb less heat than black cabinets.

Careful planning is key to good IT rack management as durability and cost-efficiency can cost a lot or save a lot more for your business.

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