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Get Data Center Ready in 2020 with iRack – A Self-Powered and Compact Solution for Office Spaces

The paradigm shift in business operations and norms of the ‘new normal’ demands effective space management and reduced operating costs. Ease of use, customized solutions, and speed of execution has made technological innovations a need of the hour. Companies that use technology as a part of their operations require Captive Server/Hub rooms with high security and efficient operation as these servers are the lifeline of the organization.

Top challenges in server installations and maintenance Infrastructure build time.

  • Cumbersome start and run time.
  • Flexibility and scalability.
  • Effective airflow management.
  • Security issues.
  • Heavy on the pocket.
  • Compliance and certifications.

Introducing NetRack Enclosures’ intelligent technological device – the iRack server rack is designed as a Self-Cooling, Self-Powered, and Self-Contained Rack, this technology capsule is ideal for small data centres, Hub Rooms & compact office spaces.

The iRack is suitable for premises within the banking & insurance sector, warehouses, manufacturing sector, and educational institutions offering a unique edge to modern workplaces.

IRack is manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing & Quality management system to ensure state-of-the-art durability and long-lasting use.

IRack’s USPs:

  • Fast Deployment [4 to 6 weeks]
  • Easy to Start and Run Design
  • Plug and Play Concept
  • Completely Scalable and Expandable
  • Compact design- saving on infrastructure costs

Compact Size and Great Value:

Challenging times have made it mandatory to adapt to solutions that are practical and cost-effective. IRack’s scalable design and functional utility go hand-in-glove to provide technologically advanced solutions saving real estate/infrastructural costs.

It is customizable and serves the needs of smaller spaces like hub rooms, start-ups, and warehouses with utmost precision. The iRack is available in 42RU Variants with 1200 Depth Configurations and 600 & 800 Width Configurations.

Features of the iRack:

  • IP 50 rated Cabinet
  • Precision Cooling unit
  • UPS & Battery Bank
  • Intelligent PDU for Power management
  • CCTV Surveillance & environmental management
  • KVM & Console for server management
  • Intelligent Locking
  • Rack designed & configured as self-contained with a minimum thermal short circuit.
  • Alert /alarm in the event of temperature variance
  • Front Glass door for easy viewing and Rear Metal door
  • Equipped with Air-seal Kit, Blanking Panels, Brush models, and panels for complete Airflow management

About NetRack

NetRack Enclosure Private Ltd offers active network components to meet the demands of modern offices and businesses. The company’s product range includes efficient storage and infrastructure units for data centres such as Data Center Racks, Acoustic Racks, iRack & iRack Blocks, Server & Networking Racks, High-Density Open & Closed Racks, Data Center Technology Products, Customized Racks, and Lab Racks & Furniture.

The marquee has made a significant mark with its offerings in the domestic and international markets to date. Its latest and top-standing invention is the iRack Series. The technology concept capsule has received a tremendous response within the industry in the prototype phase and is now available for custom-made orders and purchases.

If you’re looking for a compact, secure and cost-efficient solution for your business/office, say yes to iRack today!

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