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PDU buying guide: Choosing the best PDU for your server rack

Power needs vary from one data center to the other based on which all-in-one power solutions or their basic counterparts are offered as solutions.

Choosing a PDU

It is natural to be overwhelmed by the available Power Distribution Unit options while choosing the best for one’s server rack. This is followed by the need for a quality product, power monitoring, number of power socket outlets, etc. For organizations requiring both basic and intelligent PDU solutions. These PDUs are not only devices with multiple outlets designed to distribute power to computers, servers, network switches in a rack but also come in different capacities and capabilities such as remote power management solutions. Hence, it is natural for the question to pop up that the selection criteria will ensure that a particular PDU is perfect for an IT server rack or network closet.

Guideline for potential PDU buyers

The following are the initial guidelines that can help a company, or an individual create a basic understanding of how PDUs work in a data center setting.

  • Identify key features of the PDU in offering.
  • Inquire in detail about the PDU before opting for it.
  • Compare the available PDU options.
  • Choose the PDU as per the applications.

Let us now consider the details as to what can enhance the chance of choosing the right PDU

● Horizontal or vertical PDUs: Depending upon the rack space and the number of outlets needed, one can choose to install either a horizontal or vertical PDU. Horizontal PDUs can be installed in one or two rack spaces, and it usually has few outlets. On the other hand, vertical PDUs can be installed on the back or side of the rack enclosure, offering a greater number of outlets.

● Voltage and power fluctuations: To ensure the safety of IT equipment, the PDU must be equipped with Surge Suppressor in order to overcome the adverse effect of Voltage fluctuations.

● Types and number of outlets: Few PDUs offer a mix of outlet types, adding a practical solution to the IT power problem. Also, choosing an option with additional outlets ensures support for future upscaling of the data center.

● Output capacity: The overall power required by all the equipment and connected devices to the PDU should not exceed the PDU’s maximum load (in kVA) capacity. Ideally, it should not exceed 80% of the capacity. Hence, it is essential to estimate the power requirement before choosing a PDU.

● Additional features: Few PDU solutions are offered with remote management capabilities that ensure proper functioning, backup, and on-time unit restoration. Also, certain auto-identifying features can automatically detect and resolve network connectivity issues, ensuring timely reboot and cost-efficient setup. But, again, few monitoring features come with environmental sensors to identify the changes in temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke. etc.

Offering PDU solutions for server rack

Choosing the right PDU is a critical part of designing the power protection plan, and server rack load management of a data center since any downtime of the PDU can directly impact the operation of mission-critical equipment. PDU manufacturing companies such as Netrack understand the criticality of the unit hence offer quality products with certified electrical parts and 100% reliability and dependability

Netrack offers three PDU variants with Indian/Multipin/Flat Pin/Nema/IEC sockets. The provided PDU variants can be horizontally or vertically mounted based on client requirements. Below are the PDU Range offered by NetRack.

  • Normal Power Distribution units 1 & 3 Phase
  • Metered Power Distribution units 1 & 3 Phase
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Units 1 & 3 Phase
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