Power Distribution Units


power distribution units

Power distribution Unit is a critical component of rack solutions in today's fast-paced and technology-driven world. Industries cannot afford downtime or product failures, as they directly impact the operation of mission-critical equipment, thereby affecting business processes. NetRack, a leading player in the field, understands the criticality of Power Distribution Units (PDUs). With a relentless commitment to quality and reliability, NetRack offers a wide range of high-quality power distribution solutions to meet the diverse needs of industries.

The Importance of Reliable Power Distribution

Power Distribution Units are pivotal in ensuring electricity is delivered safely and efficiently to various equipment in data centers, industrial facilities, and commercial spaces. They serve as the backbone of electrical infrastructure, providing the necessary energy for mission-critical operations. Any disruption in power distribution can result in costly downtime and productivity losses.

A Range of Options

To cater to the diverse requirements of industries, NetRack offers three distinct variants of Power Distribution Units:

  • Normal Power Distribution Units (1 & 3 Phase)
    These units provide reliable power distribution without the added complexity of metering or intelligence. They are designed to deliver power efficiently to mission-critical equipment.
  • Metered Power Distribution Units (1 & 3 Phase)
    For industries that require monitoring and tracking of power consumption, the metered PDUs offer a comprehensive solution. With built-in meters, these units provide valuable data to help manage energy usage effectively.
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Units (1 & 3 Phase)
    In today's smart and connected world, intelligent PDUs are essential. They offer advanced features such as remote monitoring, control, and automation. These units provide a proactive approach to power distribution, allowing for quick responses to potential issues.

Power Distribution Unit: Ensuring Mission-Critical Reliability

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 Technical Specification

Quality Assurance

NetRack's commitment to quality continues after design and variants. All their Power Distribution Units are rated and protected with MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) and fuses, ensuring that different industrial requirements are met while maintaining safety standards. This robust protection mechanism ensures that the connected equipment remains unharmed in the event of a power surge or fault.

Versatility in Input

NetRack understands the diversity of power input requirements in different regions. Therefore, their PDUs can be configured for open inputs or with Indian/IEC plugs, providing flexibility for customers with varying needs. Whether you require standard Indian plugs or the more universal IEC connectors, NetRack has you covered.

Horizontal and Vertical Mounting

The physical layout of data centers and industrial facilities can vary significantly. NetRack offers horizontal and vertical mounting models for their PDUs to accommodate these differences. This versatility allows you to integrate the units seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, saving space and time during installation.

1 Phase & 3 Phase Variants

NetRack's commitment to versatility extends to the electrical specifications of their Power Distribution Units. They offer both 1-phase and 3-phase variants to suit the specific power needs of your equipment. This ensures you have the right PDU for your application, no matter how demanding.


NetRack understands that one size does not fit all. They offer standard off-the-shelf PDU models, which are readily available to meet common requirements. However, they also excel in customization. If your business has unique power distribution needs, NetRack can tailor a PDU to your specifications. This flexibility ensures you get a PDU that aligns perfectly with your business's requirements.

Power Distribution Units are the unsung heroes of mission-critical operations. NetRack's unwavering commitment to quality and reliability ensures that its PDUs meet and exceed industry standards. With its various variants, versatile input options, and customization capabilities, NetRack empowers industries to maintain uninterrupted operations, safeguard against downtime, and drive efficiency. Trust in NetRack for all your power distribution needs, and rest assured that your business processes will remain resilient in the face of power challenges. Power Distribution Units are the lifeline of your critical operations, and NetRack is the name you can trust to keep that lifeline robust and reliable.