Lab tables

Types & Features of Lab Tables

Lab Tables

Labs are places that need a highly productive environment to ensure safety, accuracy, and efficiency. To achieve technological innovation and growth, the R&D lab setup has to be immaculate. Certain types of furniture are required in a lab setup, but perhaps one of the most important is the lab table. It is the place where Research and Development activities are conducted and any issues with it can affect the overall productivity.

With this in mind, we have designed lab tables that are customizable, flexible, and can quickly adapt to the needs of the labs. Whether upgrading your lab furniture or setting up a new table, our lab table ensures that the researchers work in a productive environment.

Types of Lab Tables

Lab Tables are broadly divided into two types.

  • ESD table: Static electricity is discharged when an electronic device is in contact with a human body. It is called Electrostatic discharge, ESD. The ESD that is generated by the human body can enter an electronic component when touched. It can lead to the parts getting damaged or malfunctioning. So, in a lab setup to counter those measures need to be taken. The ESD tabletop is a countermeasure where the electrostatic-sensitive devices can be safely handled and assembled.
  • Non-ESD table: This worktop is ideal for those R&D labs that do not require ESD Safe worktops.

Both the ESD and non-ESD tables have frames made of high-quality structural tubes and are of 50X25X2MM / or 100X50X2MM. There above two tables come in various flavors like the

  • Centre Tabletops
  • Lipped Bottom Tabletops
  • Cantilever shelf

Features of the Lab Tables

  • Has an open modular frame: The tables are made of modular accessories and hence the workbench configuration is customizable.
  • Highly economical: Due to the open modular frame, accessories can be added or removed as per the need. Hence it makes it highly cost-effective.
  • Highly customizable: The table is designed as per the needs of the customers. The table dimensions (height, length, and depth) are not fixed and are made to order.
  • Many options: The tabletops come in many options apart from ESD and non ESD. It comes in lipped or post-formed tabletops.
  • Meets the ASTM standards: The lab tables use materials that meet the ASTM standards to guarantee product quality.
  • Suits different lab and site environments: The tables have DIN Rails, vertically adjustable earthing strips, and other features, making them suitable for all lab environments. Vertically adjustable power distribution and data distribution channels casters and levelers are added to adjust to various site conditions.
  • Enhanced cable management: Vertical and horizontal cable management.
  • Ergonomic design: Adjustable height for enhanced ergonomic posture.

ESD Accessories

  • Anti-Static Mat: It is used to safeguard divides from ESD.
  • Table Ground Kit: A kit to ground the Anti-static mats. It comes with a cord that fits into the mat and receptacle to ground operators.
  • Wristband: It is a device used to quickly eliminate ESD and provide a path to ground the electrons.
  • Equipment Ground Kit: It helps prevent electrical mishaps and ensures the safety of those working in the labs.

Other accessories

  • Cable Organizers
  • Data Distribution Channel
  • DIN Rail Channel
  • Drawer Units
  • Keyboard Shelf 19” Rack/Arrangement

The Netrack Lab tables are conducive for effective and efficient research. It is made from the best materials so that it is resistant to shocks, heat, chemicals, humidity, and other external factors. It is a sturdy table ideal for all types of environments.

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