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Rackmount LCD Drawers And Consoles

There is an increasing demand for devices that improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. For example, rackmount Drawers and LED consoles are beneficial hardware in R & D, where quick rack access is critical.

Rack Mount LCD Drawers

A typical rackmount console has a console or a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. These help the users access multiple servers, applications and more using a single console, making it more convenient and efficient. Our rack console drawers come in adjustable and customizable specifications to suit the requirements. They have ergonomic placements, sturdy accessories, and adjustable railings to make for a neat but compact design.

Advantages of using Rackmount LCD drawers

  • Consumes only 1U of space inside the Cabinets
  • An efficient and compact way to control multiple servers
  • Mounting brackets that can fit into all types of cabinets
  • Ergonomic design with integrated keyboard and monitor
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Stable drawers for better security of the console.
  • Easy slide-in/out of the console.
  • Connect existing KVM switches to LCD consoles to manage multiple racks servers from the racks.

Rack Mount LCD Consoles

Netrack offers 19’’LCD consoles. These consoles come with a keyboard and touchpad functionality that enables users to work on multiple servers from a single workstation. These are rugged and are built to work in extreme climates. They are designed to be mounted on racks or walls and are portable. These are thus perfect for labs in R&D or even in server rooms and other IT operations.

Features and benefits of Rack Mount LCD consoles

Depending on the work demands, there are two options for rack LCD monitors. They use the best hardware and software and provide the following features and benefits.

  • High definition displays: It offers widescreen support and high definition resolution of 1920×1080 for the 17″ model and 1280×1024 for the 19″ one. These consoles support DVD-I video input apart from standard VGA input for HD video of 480P, 720P, and 1080P. Apart from that, the screen is highly responsive, making real-time access easy. In addition, it has adjustable angles to make the screen more accessible.
  • Space-saving: Now, efficient use of space in your lab is easy with the help of our 1U drawer and console. That means a monitor, mouse, and keyboard in 85% less space than average. In addition, the design accommodates the use of more than one server at a rack.
  • Better energy efficiency: The LCD used in the console is such that it reduces energy consumption by at least 25%. The image brightness is adjustable, and there is auto power on/off for better energy efficiency.
  • Easy device integration: Rackmount consoles are used to take the working environment to the next level. Our devices are equipped with useful KVM (Keyboard, video, and mouse) functionality. It offers easy integration not just with its proprietary switches but also many other third-party ones too. Also, the rack has many USB ports that can be used to plug and play devices.

The Rackmount LCD Consoles and drawers are best to hold real estate if you want to save space. Moreover, it is an efficient and compact way to control many servers or computers. Whatsmore it offers multi-language and multi-platform support along with being energy-efficient and space-saving.

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