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5 Great reasons to use Good quality PDUs for your Data Center

5 Great reasons to use Good quality PDUs for your Data Center

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin

The quality of a product determines future sustainability and success. A good quality power distribution unit (PDU) is the key to ensuring a reliable power supply since it is the heart of rack solutions. This is important because a low-quality PDU adversely affects the safety of critical equipment.

Hence it is essential to choose a PDU with good quality that will support the power consumption of the equipment hosted inside the rack. This will prevent accidental tripping and reduce the chance of equipment downtime. A Certified PDU must also be equipped with a Surge Suppressor to minimize the effect of voltage fluctuation. Such PDU increases dependability in the long run.

Quality and suitability of PDUs

Now, along with determining the quality of a PDU, it is essential to choose the right PDU carefully from the available options. Since the power requirement varies from customer to customer, hence the need for power monitoring, several power socket outlets and their configurations too will change. For example, the PDUs manufactured by Netrack are available with different socket configurations, such as; Indian 5A, Indian 5/15, Intel Multipin, Nema, IEC Sockets, and UK flat pin one can choose the PDU’s socket as per the pin configuration of the equipment.

Also, PDUs are available in the metered or managed configuration with information on power consumption and energy management. This is advantageous in efficiently planning the power capacity. These PDUs are rated and protected with relevant circuit breakers to cater to various industrial requirements. Again, these PDUs have Indian or IEC plugs and reliable circuit designs for better functioning. So, one can choose the PDU that best suits the environment of one’s data center. A quality PDU not only distributes power to computers, servers, and network switches in a rack but also can remotely manage it. All of this can be determined from the features of the PDU.

Value of certified PDUs

The chosen PDU must adhere to the basic certifications to maintain uniformity of standards and, above all, to ensure the safety of the mission-critical equipment. The recommended certifications are; UL, RoHS, CB, CE, and LVD. In addition, certified PDUs are best-in-class in terms of quality since they comply with international standards and help in increasing the Uptime of your Data-Centre.

Customization and specification

PDUs are available in horizontal and vertical mounting models with 1- and 3 Phase variants. Depending upon the requirement, the PDUs can be customized to long and short forms per the rack space and the number of outlets needed. For example, horizontal PDUs are ideal for Network racks with shorter depths, while vertical PDUs are best suited for Server racks. In addition, standard PDUs can also be customized to cater to customers’ unique requirements.

Magic of colored PDUs

In this regard, it is pertinent to mention the importance of colored PDU and its role in identifying the power source. A black-colored PDU in a black-colored rack is not a convenient option since it is challenging to locate power sources one and two in such a scenario. Furthermore, the accidental shutdown of source two in place of source one can cause a business hazard. Here, colored PDU is a life-saver. Color-coded reference is easy to identify, even in low light. Also, the technician can manage the power supply seamlessly. Netrack offers a complete range of colored PDU in all socket configurations and required customizations.

Since PDU is a critical part of a data center, its downtime will negatively impact the business. Hence, Netrack offers colored PDUs with Indian/Multipin/Flat Pin/Nema/IEC socket configurations. In addition, these PDUs have certified electrical parts to ensure reliability.

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