Acoustic Server Racks

Acoustic Server Racks: Track the decibel and proof it!

Noise- A factor that has for long been an essential aspect in server racks. In this article, we have attempted to collate and help you understand noise, its effects, and the best ways to implement noise cancellation techniques in server racks.

Understanding noise

What is perceived as sound to one is noise to another! However, as much as noise is a perspective, it is essential to note that the human ear can handle and manage a maximum of 85 decibels before it destroys the hearing ability.

The difference between sound and noise in physics is not defined as the brain processes this. However, noise or sound is- An invisible yet most effective way of communicating specific information.

Research shows that prolonged exposure to excessive noise leads to severe damage to the human body and mind.

5 effects of excessive noise:

  1. Steep loss in productivity due to hampered creativity and streamlined cognitive functioning.
  2. Lack of innovation leads to career digression as newer opportunities require out-of-the-box thinking.
  3. Depression – affects mental health and slow work.
  4. May result in Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
  5. May lead to hospitalization under dire conditions.

While prolonged exposure to noise is hazardous, what remains to be understood is the types of noise prevalent at workplaces closer to server racks and how they can be minimized.

What can be done for noise cancellation of server racks?

An Acoustic Rack is best suited and is designed for noise cancellations. Therefore, it is imperative here to understand the types of noise cancellations.

There are two types of noise cancellations:

  1. Active noise cancellation- when the device is designed using ASFT [ Active Silencer Fan Tray] to reduce the Low-frequency noise.
  2. Passive noise cancellation- By using external foam called Passive Foams to curb high-frequency noise.

What is ASFT- Active Silencer Fan Tray?

The Active Silencer Fan Tray (ASFT) is a fan drawer designed for assisting ventilation by forcing air into and out of an enclosure while preventing noise from escaping. The unit is lined with acoustic material and equipped with Active noise-cancelling technology, which highly effective in reducing low-frequency noise. In addition, it reduces the auxiliary fans noise and the left-installed equipment noise to the surrounding noise level.

The ASFT is highly effective for active noise cancellation as it comes with dual benefits:

  1. It ensures effective airflow management within the rack, required to handle up to 7kw of IT Load.
  2. It helps in Cancelling Low-Frequency noise which is usually not Aborted by the Passive Foaming.

Perks of using an Acoustic Rack

Noise cancellation is effectively implemented, thus improving the mental and physical health of the experts working close to the server racks. Adequate airflow management, thermal management, and passive noise cancellations help in minimizing the noise emitted.

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