Intelligent KVM Switch

Intelligent KVM Switch: The Complete Overview

Intelligent KVM

Working with multiple computers in your office, home, or a data center means you need to use more than one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. As the business grows, the number of Servers also increases. It becomes impossible to manage such a situation as it consumes space and involves moving around to use them. The best way to solve this problem is by using an intelligent KVM switch.

What is a KVM Switch?

A KVM switch is a piece of hardware that allows you to control many computers using a single monitor, mouse, and keyboard console. This single console can help you connect to many servers, workstations, tablets, computers, and PCs simultaneously remotely. It suits people or even data centers that need access to several computing devices at a go. It can connect to these systems over short or long distances. So intelligent KVM switches are the backbone of the IT infrastructure where an IT administrator can work on hundreds of servers using a single console.

Advantages of Using KVM Switches

The main advantage of using KVM switches is that it allows people to control multiple servers using centralized access. But there are many other inherent benefits of using this piece of hardware which include.

  • Boost in productivity: Irrespective of whether you are using the KVM switch for a large data center or a home office with few computers, having this makes for a better virtual reach. It helps in managing servers better and also aids in responding to tickets more efficiently. As the speed of response increases, it boosts productivity for the staff and the company. KVM is suitable for all types of industries and users like lab technicians, production managers, broadcast engineers, and such.
  • Easy disaster recovery: There are times when certain critical machines go down due to an error. It is critical for the business and its operations to fix them quickly to minimize the impact. When a KVM switch is used, the IT staff can diagnose and fix the problem even when not present in front of the machine.
  • Better security: Since KVM switches allow remote access to the staff, there is always a threat of cyberattacks. However, intelligent KVM addresses this by having specific components and processors to block such threats.
  • Heterogenous device: The KVM switches are multi-platforms and work in all types of computing environments. It is not tied to a specific platform, hardware, or operating system. Thus it can work with all kinds of servers and operating systems.

Types of KVM Switches

There are many types of switches, and based on the goals and needs, one of the below can be chosen.

  • Single user KVM switches: It is for a single user to access many computers from a single point. It is ideal for a home office.
  • Multi-user KVM switches: Huge number of computers and users can have remote access using this device. It is best used in a data center or businesses that need multi-user access.
  • Analog KVM switches: It uses cables like Cat5 or Coax for connections between computers.
  • Digital KVM switches: Connection is over IP.

Removing barriers, creating opportunities Netrack’s Intelligent KVM switches have helped remove geographical restrictions by making the network equipment remotely accessible. It also provides added benefits like saving space, time and making work more efficient. The best part is it can be used in large businesses as well as small businesses.

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