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CIN: U28932KA2002PTC030378

Port KVM Switches- Overview

KVM over IP switches.

KVM over IP switches provide BIOS level access along with control of the servers over LAN, dialup connection, WAN or dialup connection via KVM console. The port KVM switches and KVM over IP switches available at NetrackIndia are listed below 

Dominion® KX II

It is an enterprise class switch which provides secure and reliable KVM over IP control and access. These award winning switches are capable of controlling up to 64 multiplatform servers and also serial based devices. Equipped with standard features like digital video, dual power, virtual media, blade server, absolute mouse synchronization, mobile access and virtual media, the Dominion KX II has taken the KVM over IP technology to a whole new level.

NetrackIndia’sDominion® KX II has become most reliable and compatible KVM over IP switches after being coupled with new Digital CIMs. These switches can support all video formats such as VGA, DVI,   HDMI and also the DisplayPort thus it is compatible for past present and future video applications. These port KVM switches can be deployed separately or with Raritan’s CommandCenter® Secure Gateway (CC-SG). These port KVM switches are suitable for largest of the enterprise data centers, server rooms, labs etc.

Dominion KX II-101 V2

These switches are palm sized and suitable for accessing and controlling a single server. It is suitable for accessing and controlling the server which are installed outside the server room and can provide local user with up to 8 remote users and ensuring that there is no blocked access.

 These switches can be ideally employed in no IT devices like test labs, military applications, point of sale display, development labs, construction and medical applications.

Dominion KSX II

These switches are used to access and control single appliance. These provide both KVM over IP and serial port access. These can access 4 to 8 KVM over IP port and 4 to 8 serial ports and thus provides BIOS level access up to 10 users and 16 servers and serial devices. The port KVM switches can be ideally applied in remote offices, labs, data centers etc.

 Dominion LX

These switches provide high quality KVM over IP access. The switches are capable of providing high quality BIOS level access with 1 or 2 users, 256 servers and up to 8 to 16 ports with standard features like virtual media and also a bowser based modern graphic user interface for remote and local access. These port KVM switches are designed for small to medium business types.


This is PCI card for KVM over IP management which provides BIOS level server access and control to support PC, Mac and Sun platforms.

 Analog KVM switches

These analog KVM switches provide access and control over servers and other network devices installed in data centers or server rooms.

Paragon II

Paragon II is a Cat5 analog KVM switch with capability of around 64 servers and 100 users. It also supports common access card(CAC),SIPRNet  hardware tokens and 90 meter middleware for providing secure remote access and control.

MasterConsole CAT

This is the most economical KVM switch for midsize data centers and it allows access and control up to 256 servers through one or two users.

LCD Consoles

These single user devices are used to manage servers in server rooms and data centers directly from the racks in which they have been installed.


It is a hot pluggable KVM switch for small or medium sized business which require troubleshooting or remote rebooting of computers.


It is a single user, multiplatform switch KVM switch which can support 2,4 and 8 computers and can be customized to support 64 computers.

MasterConsole Z

It is switchless KVM solution which allows a single user to manage up to 64 ps/2 , Sun or USB servers in small or midsize data centers.

Cat5 Reach

It s a KVm extender which can extend remote access to multiple servers from a single KVM switch up to 1000 feet away.

Serial Console Management
Port KVM Switches Management

Get secure 24/7, out of band control for all your serial devices like routers, switches, firewalls, servers, from anywhere in the globe with our Raritan serial console solutions.


Our KVM-over-IP switches, winner of awards and that are of high that provide BIOS level access and control for the servers over your LAN and WAN internet connections and dial ups.

KVM Extenders and Remote Access
KVM Extenders and Remote Access

Top class, award winning quality, corporate standard KVM-over-IP switches that provides connections to BIOS level access and control for the servers over your LAN and WAN internet connections and dial ups.

Analog KVM
Analog KVM

KVM switches that are rigorously tested secure gives you the power to access and control servers that connect to data centers or server rooms, or network devices.

Accessories and Rack Management
Port KVM Switches Accessories

To manage 24/7 an IT infrastructure is always a challenge. Therefore one has to deploy the products that work very well along with other devices and accessories, is very vital.

Raritan provides a comprehensive solution by providing a complete range of rack management and accessories, for the above reasons. These products are devised for top class performance and compatibility, that enables you have complete control all along

LCD Consoles
LCD KVM consoles

They can provide quick access when they are on the move and they can perform remote operations on their data center equipment.


Intelligent Rack Access Controller



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