Safe Transfer Switch

The complete overview of Safe Transfer Switch (STS)

Safe Transfer Switch (STS)

Continuous electricity supply is a significant necessity for all electronic devices, a single laptop, or a massive data center. Even a brief disruption in power or a power outage can disturb the working and damage the system in some cases. That is why modern systems that perform critical operations have dual power sources for providing redundant power supply. However, many single power sources need redundancy for business continuity. A safe transfer switch is designed to cater to such single power sources.

What is a safe transfer switch?

A safe transfer switch is an electrical device that switches the load between two power sources. It can be done manually or automatically by switching when one of the sources has lost power. In a manual process, an operator transfers the power from one to another, while in an automatic mode, the device senses it and switches accordingly. By adding an STS, it creates another layer of failure for power redundancy.

Netrack’s STS is designed to take two inputs for two different sources and a provide single output. This power output can then be connected to the rack power distribution units. In addition, the Netrack STS is designed using thyristor-based reliable technology and can be used in applications that need high-power switching.

The STS is equipped with control panel that provides information on power source and fault indication. It provides the lowest switching time of 5ms, which is among the best in the industry. It is a sophisticated device that ensures an uninterrupted power supply with instantaneous load reconversion to the main input power.

Safe Transfer Switch Applications

STS is used in many industries like the electric power industry, petrochemical, and heavily power-reliant industries. It is also used in IT applications, building automation systems, data centers, security systems, and sensitive equipment to power failure.

Features of Safe Transfer switch

  • It creates a power redundancy for single power source devices.
  • Provides a standard switching time of ≤ 5ms.
  • It has two input sources and one output source.
  • It is available in a single phase with two variants of 16A and 32A
  • It can be used with existing power distribution units as the output is IEC 60309 socket.
  • There is very little transition time between sources. When the sources are in sync, the switch time is 5ms and up to 15ms when not in sync.
  • Though the Safe transfer switch works automatically, there is an option of manual bypass that can be used during any maintenance activity.
  • User interface displays of source and fault indication are possible.
  • Even at full load, it provides efficiency of more than 98%.
  • The device is rack-mountable.
  • It has a voltage tolerance of +/- 15% and a frequency tolerance of 40 to 70 Hz.

Advantages of using Netrack STS

Netrack STS does a lot for your business apart from boosting productivity. Businesses get

  • Power reliability: If there is an unexpected outage or loss of power, business comes to a standstill. It not only results in downtime but also leads to loss of time. By using an STS, you prevent this.
  • Simplified operations: Using an automatic STS, the power is transferred automatically and switches back seamlessly when power is restored.
  • Safety: Handling a power source can be quite dangerous; having a safe transfer switch ensures it removes the dangers of outage for the device and other resources.

With the lowest possible switching time, Netrack offers automatic transfer switches that are one of the best in the industry.

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