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CIN: U28932KA2002PTC030378

Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switch

To increase cold air entry from front side and Exhaust Hot air in back side rack NetRack Offers, Inlet Blower Module, Roof Blower Module Back Door Blower Modules and Automatic Transfer Switch

Technical Specifications

Model : NR-STS-1-2-16 & NR-STS-1-2-32
Nominal Voltage 230/240V AC(1PH+N)
Voltage Tolerances +/-15%
Frequency Tolerances Wide band - 40-70 Hz
Power Capacity 16A/32A
No.of Switching Poles 2 Poles ( Phase + Neutral)
Overloaded Capacity 110% for 1Hour 150% for 1 Minute 200% for 10 Seconds 1000% for 100Msec
Duty Continuous
Load Power Factor Range 0.6 to unity Leading or Lagging
Controller 32-bit DSP



Safe Transfer Switch



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