Data Center Box

The concept of the data center in a box

Growing demand for data center

Data is the most valued element in this technological era. The internet and networking equipment generate real-time data that encompasses our lives, enabling us to experience a whole new world. These have resulted in the emergence of the data center to store and manage the growing volumes of data.

With the evolution of technology, the data processing demands increased, impacting the demand for more data centers. Hence modern enterprise business has started investing in data center solutions to enhance efficiency and security while reducing cost. In the long run, such investment will help gain business insights and competitive advantage through edge computing.

 With time, IT enterprises started focusing on the installation and maintenance of data centers apart from its benefits on the business. To simplify the process of installation, data centers too evolved with time. Although the concept of a data center in a box is relatively new yet, it is a feasible solution for those companies who lack the space and facility to build an in-house data center. Moreover, a portable data center opened the scope of introducing cloud computing to remote environments.

Alternative to traditional data centers

Traditional data centers were built based on the design and requirements of the client. This process was time-consuming and proved to be expensive. The concept of a data center in a box is also referred to as containerized or modular data center. It is a combination of Server/Network racks, cooling units, Intelligent Power & Environmental Monitoring, Intelligent Locking for Physical security, and Fire Management system as per Data-Center standards. It is a sustainable solution where a data center is built in one place and shipped to use in a container.

A company investing in such a modern data center can connect to the utilities and applications to start its usage. Based on the requirement, these data centers’ size varies catering to the factors such as; data storage, power connections, and cooling. Since they come in shipping containers, they can be easily deployed along with multiple such units. iRack Block by NetRack is a data center shipping container with self-cooling and power capability with an ultra-rigid frame to hold data centers.

Situations ideal for a data center in a box

  • Disrupted network
  • Poor communication
  • Space issue
  • Adverse condition
  • Limited access to data
  • Extreme climate

It looks promising!

Let’s look at the benefits an enterprise can gain by deploying a mobile data center.

  • The pay-as-you-go model results in no upfront payment before deployment
  • Less time consuming, can be deployed within weeks
  • It is movable; hence, it can be shipped in a single container box
  • Internal cooling and monitoring facility
  • Supports High computing capacity with multiple servers and storage
  • Capacity can be increased on-demand using multiple modular data center units
  • Connected to the main data center as a part of disaster recovery
  • They come with weather and soundproofing boxes

To ensure speed, reliability, and stability NetRack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. offers innovative network and data center solutions for efficient storage and cost-effective IT infrastructure. As mentioned above, iRack, with its data center cooling solution, enhanced overall data center efficiency. So, visit us @ to gain a complete understanding of the modern-day data center.

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